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  1. So... Something that has been a persistent thorn in my side since my diagnosis... To what degree should one accept their limitations because of their condition, and to what degree should it be challenged? I understand, absolutely, that the answer is mostly subjective to oneself, but I’d be keen to hear other people’s personal experience of such scenarios. Is it OK to say, “No, I know I can’t do that; I know it stresses me out too much “...? Or is that being defeatist? I often feel guilty trying to impress that upon someone/myself - like I should be trying harder. My own example would be something like speaking on the phone, arranging an appointment or booking the car’s MOT. I feel so awkward, so ill-prepared for their questions and unable to process quickly enough that I plead with others to do it for me. But then feel worse for it. I should be able to do it... And maybe it’s not that big a deal... Maybe I just need to “get over it”... I dunno. Any input from you lovely folk?
  2. I have no intention to take frustrations out on *people*...! Unless they like pineapple on pizza and think Daniel Craig is the best 007. And no, no, no. Liverpool isn’t “North “....! It’s basically Midlands at best! XD
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    Just a tentative and speculative "hello" from a Northern boy and his baggage - currently three suitcases, a holdall and a hat box (and they're all packed with questions, confusion and frustration. Consider this me moving in. I'll start unpacking in due course). I dislike talking about myself, generally, though, so will not recount "my story" here (I'll maintain an air of intrigue for a while, maybe). Suffice to say, it is a pleasure to find this site and to make your virtual acquaintance. I look forward to getting to know some of you in the process of getting to know myself. D x
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