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  1. Thank you for replying. It's certainly not easy being an adult on the spectrum.
  2. Good morning. I'm new to the forum. I live in Cornwall and have discovered that I had more options for help prior to an Asperger diagnosis than after said diagnosis. I'm over forty and was diagnosed nearly two years ago. I went to my GP last August as I was having problems coping day-to-day; anxiety and depression. I have poor eye contact, like most of us, and my GP kept looking around behind him everytime I lost contact which became unsettling. I stated that I'm having problems processing stuff and he just stated 'we all process stuff'. The best he could offer was 'Blue Therapy'. Apparently, as a person who is anxious and doesn't socialise much I should go out into the wilds and exercise near water... I then contacted an organisation in Truro who I was advised to contact for advice. They informed me that they can't help me. Apparently If I was a parent of or a child with autism then I'd have more options. Does anyone else have similar problems? I get frustrated that as an adult with Asperger's there's basically no help at all.
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