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  1. Dear friends, We are working on a startup to help autistic children to have better experience in pretend play and imaginative play (When children are playing pretend they are playing 'as if' something or someone is real. They are creating a situation where there is more going on that what is literally happening). I would be grateful if you answer some of my questions, so we get to a better understanding of the real problems of autistic children and their parents: - How important is pretend play and imaginative play for autistic children and their parents? - Are they able to do these two types of playing easily? and if don't, does this make you any problem? - When it comes to playing alone at home, what kind of challenges should parents face? - What alternative solutions they use to solve these problems? - Do you think that these two types of playing affect the ability of these children to develop language and problem-solving skills? Thanks.
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