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  1. I know this is a super old feed but I wanted to quickly pop in and say that I'm in the process of having myself and my three children diagnosed with Asperger's/asd/HFA (I will note here that this is still very new and I know terminology can be offensive if it's out of date and it differs from different countries and this is a UK feed and I'm in Canada so if I don't use terminology correctly please don't be offended and I will not be offended if you correct me) I'm also noticing alot of patterns in other kin. One thing that every single one of us that we suspect have autism has had a long history of issues with nose bleeds. I cannot speak for everybody but I can speak for myself. I continuously and constantly picked my nose as a young kid. It was an obsession and a way for me to zone out. I hid it very well. Through the years I know times my nose bleeds were caused by excessive picking. I've also noticed over the years that it takes very little to cause a nosebleed. I may have damaged something in my early days. I also think there could be a link between nose bleeds and those with extreme anxieties panic and stress. I have a rare skin condition and when my mental health is Moody my body physically is a broke out broken mess. And if my nose was going to bleed this is when it would happen. My middle son has had so many nosebleeds over the years. His were definitely not caused by nose picking as every single one of his nosebleeds happen while in school and in class (he did everything in his power to fit in and not be noticed and would never sit in class and pick his nose) He has severe separation anxiety. He suffers from a great deal of quiet panic and holds his emotions in. Also waiting for a diagnosis. my youngest child has been suffering with a lot of behavioral issues and recently has been diagnosed with ADHD and has now been on medication for about a year. I've noticed a lot of changes in him and his emotions. He's very sentimental and definitely shows signs of anxiety panic. Just recently he started getting daily nosebleeds. Also waiting for a diagnosis of autism. So who really knows? I'll pop back in 8 to 10 years and see where this goes lol
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