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    Hello, I’m new here and with people being made more aware of the symptoms of ADHD and ADD and have been thinking lately that I may have ADD. I am a female in my 40’s and have always been untidy and unorganised for as long as I can remember. If I do tidy a room I always leave something or a section and I find it hard to even start to organise areas. I’m particularly bad with paperwork and I have times when I sit and get my act together with money matters, and something is always missed and I end up using money I was trying to save. I never have savings. I might get an idea to start a new hobby, research it all, buy things and then never start or start and get bored quickly. If I can’t find anything I go and buy a new one instead of taking the time to find it as I get frustrated looking. I’m very impatient and frustrated easily and can be snappy when I’m frustrated, and I think work has been getting more stressful and it’s really starting to affect me there now. I’m finding very hard to bite my tongue like I would usually do. As a child my mother died and when I think back to school, I always left homework to the last minute if it even got finished. I seem to just scrape by in tests and assessments. I hate it if I have too many taks to do and this is what gets me anxious and angry. so does anyone think that this sounds like someone with ADD?
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