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  1. Hi everyone I've just joined this forum. I have a son who is 19 next week, and I've suspected for a long time that he might have Asperger's syndrome. I've never had him officially tested though. He has shown many signs of it over the years and currently it manifests itself in being obsessed with computers and having no friends (in real life, that is - he chats to people over the internet a lot but has never met any of them) he has never had many social skills or any social life. When he was little he was always obsessed with one thing, and would sit drawing this thing over and over again. These things varied from maps, traffic lights to water pipe systems and electrical sockets. When he walked in anyone's house he would immediately ask how many light sockets they had in the house and would insist on counting them all. He also used to embarrass me a lot saying inappropriate things to people (such as 'why are you fat?') And this wasn't just when you expect it at around age 3 or so, but he was in high school, about 12. I have been a single parent since he was 18 months old. I was very isolated as he never made any friends (kids just thought he was weird) and I ended up avoiding social situations and not having anyone babysit for him, because I was scared he would say something offensive to them. This contributed to me having a breakdown in the end. At the moment I don't know what to do with him because all he wants to do is sit at the computer all day. I end up having to take him places for the day to get him out, because I worry about his health, but people think it's weird a 19 year old out with his mother, but he has no concept of embarrassment of that kind, of course. He's never been a typical teenager or interested in things such as going out drinking or having a girlfriend. I don't think he ever will. I wondered if there are any other people on here with similar experience. i would love to hear from you and get some support and solutions if possible. Thanks
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