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  1. hi havnt been on here for years now but was wondering if theres anyone from lincolnshire my daughter is 19 now and would like too chat with others who basically no where shes coming from were in horncastle 20 mile outside lincoln
  2. thanks for reply mel lady is going too look into this for me Tracey
  3. hi been searching through previous posts for info on homeopathic secretin i know theres some posts about this but cannot find them my daughter is seeing a homeopath who has just rung me regarding this anyone had any dealings with this Tracey
  4. true people say dont worry but when its your child stuck in 24/7 its easier said than done tracey
  5. thanks for reply things like this seem to come with the territory tho worrying at time i think boredom plays a big part in this and taking her mind off things with outings certainly helps tho not always easy tracey
  6. hi my daughter 15 out of school for a year now and most of the time bored but not always able to get out seems to have some kind of OCD ie arrangeing items obsessive with appearence but lately the main problem is obsessive thoughts thing she doesnt want to think about it is quite upsetting for her any one had similar if so what can be done too help just started too see a homeopath and have appt with cog therapist monday thanks tracey
  7. having read all posts seems advice is not too worry too much as she may be content with own company thing is shes constantly bored but anything i suggest is boring also getting ready can take a very long time due to perfection so it all takes lots of time and if something goes wrong thats it she'll not go im trying too get her too do sporty activities too no avail I think she wants too be out there and its drivin her up the wall bein with me 24/7 Tracey
  8. hi pearl ive looked on the NAS website theres nothing in our area there are so many problems regarding getting out its soo difficult but once shes out there more often than not things go ok am going to get a couple of cog therapy sessions in home through cahms after lots of letters to them saying they should be helping more also have a lady coming round friday (homeopath) who may have help or advice we keep trying Tracey
  9. thank you both for replies kathryn just a question on medication was there anything specific that helped your daughter with worries and anxiety tracey
  10. I have posted before on this site with similar problems my daughter is fifteen and a half has been out of school now for over a yeardue too different problems mainly anxiety peer problema work etc am now teaching her myself too the best of my ability with work sent home from school It seems now things are getting worse as she gets older going out is a big problem as things have to be perfect make up clothes etc sometimes shell spend 2 hours getting ready then something will go wrong too stop her going she doesnt mix as the friend she had feels let down as my daughter doesnt go to school so they fall out she worries all the time over everything and gets stressed and anxious regularly cahms are no help as we cant get her to go out anywhere the doctor at cahms says medication wont help as its not deppression and the asd is long term i feel at a loss on how too help and it breaks my heart too think she never goes out as i know when she does get out there shes fine more often than not my gp is hopeless with no understanding not that shed go too see him anyway any help or advice would be appriciated as i know shes becoming more and more dependant on me being there as were together 24/7 Tracey
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    thanks all for posts have wrote back to camhs stating in my opinion they should be looking at ways they can help my daughter in a way that she would benefit i can think of plenty that can be done unfortunatly we seem to be missing out on this as getting out of the house is difficult home visits by the professionals is what we need its the same with education home tuition is so hard to come by am still tryin tracey
  12. my daughter will be 16 this year dx asd at 13 deffinately takes after me sooo many of my ways Tracey
  13. hi all just wonderin anyone from the lincolnshire area Tracey
  14. tracey


    thanks for that yeah i suppose its usefull for that i am also going too find out if theres anything for post 16's through them possibly not in the lincolnshire area
  15. tracey


    Hi all havnt been on much recently moving house in a few weeks all been well so had alot too do. but not sure what too do about this had a letter from cahms yesterday suggesting they close my daughters file as they dont seem too be doing anything too help. Im in two minds i agree i get no help from them but feel its helpful to have them in the background as my daughter 15 and a half is still out of school 14months now and im still trying too get some home tuition now going through connections who seem quite helpful having said were still no further. the problem we have with tuition is my daughter wont always go out especially if something goes wrong or she doesnt look/feel right i have come to the conclusion you get no help from the proffesionals they just make you feel worse therefore im doing my best to teach as much as i can in the home myself just wondered any one any thoughts on the file closing bit even though theres no help whatsoever should i keep in there???????
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