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Found 1 result

  1. Take the definition of animal kingdom to include anything from insects, snakes, spiders, lions, tigers, sharks, whales, zebra's, gazelle's, horses, goldfish, cats, dogs, mice, rabbits, foxes, donkeys, pigs, cows, chickens, turkeys, geese, swans, sparrows, bats, frogs, toads, cuckoos, viruses, bacteria, germs, sea urchins, rays, jellyfish, ringworm, earthworms, ants, scorpions, stick-insects, aardvarks, beavers, bees, wasps, buffalo, butterflies, caterpillars, chimpanzees, roaches, cranes, crabs, crocodiles, doves, elephants, flies, gnats, gorilla's, hornets, leopards, lemurs, moose's, octopuses, panthers, parrots, pelican's, penguins, raccoons, sheep, shrew's, tapir's, walrus's, weasel's, wren's, woodpeckers, yaks, sand dollars, sea lions, seals, salamanders. rooks, reindeer, ravens, rats, quelea's, turtles, ponies, pigeons, seagulls, pelicans, panda's, bears, oysters, ox's, owls, okapi's, mules, narwhal's, otters, opossums, oryx's, ostrich's, newts, mosquito's, moles, meerkat's, manatee's, ducks, mink's, magpie's, lyrebirds, loris's, llama's, lobsters, locusts, larks, kouprey's, komodo dragons, koala's, kangaroo's, jackal's, jay's, jaguar's, iguana's, hyena's, hummingbirds, hippopotamuses, herons, rhinoceroses, hawks, hedgehogs, guanaco's, grasshoppers, grouse, gophers, gnu's, gaur's, giraffe's, albatrosses, camels, gerbil's, ferrets, falcon's, elands, eagles, dugongs, echidna's, doves, dolphins, dogfish, tyrannosauruses, coyotes, cormorants, cod, chinchilla's, clams, chamois, caribou, barracuda's, armadillo's, apes, anteaters, alpaca's, alligators, etc etc Plus I suppose you could also include the plant kingdom of which there are many... Please provide an explanation as to your answer.
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