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Found 1 result

  1. I went to see my GP this morning and I've just got off the phone with Manchster NAS. My partner went with me to help me as I find it hard to takes notes there or remember things afterwards. I've been signed off for 2 weeks initially and he recommends I take at least a month off (my boss is going to LOVE that!) He wouldn't put me on anti-depressants. He didn't think that was right for me. On one hand I'm disappointed. I was relying on them to cushion me when I do speak to my manager. On the other hand, no dry mouth and bad taste, and it means I can still have a glass of wine at the weekend and I'm safe to ride pillion. NAS are going to send me some stuff by email and though the post. There are two places "locally" that can assess me for Aspergers under the NHS, Trafford and Sheffield, but either I or my GP will have to do some digging to find out who in Manchester authorises the funding for that. I already have a contact at PALS so he might be able to help. About my work situation, NAS and my GP have both said that it's time to go over my manager's head to HR. My partner is helping me write it all down. My manager is still insisting I speak to her because it's "company policy and procedure" and the idea panics me... I'm going to stop thinking about it for now and put it on the back burner. The exciting news I got from NAS is that Rudy Simone, the author of "Aspergirls" (and others of course, but I'm reading that one) is coming to Manchester next month. It's at: King’s House Conference Centre King’s Church Sidney Street Manchester M1 7HB United Kingdom Date and time: 7 March 2013 Doors open and Registration from 6pm (18:00) Starts at 6:45pm (18:45) Price per ticket: Standard Delegate Rate £ 21.60 NAS Members / Low income £ 16.80 To book telephone: Janet Matthews 0115 911 3367 More details here http://www.autism.or...nces/rudysimone
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