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Found 2 results

  1. Hi! My name is Julia and Iā€™d like to invite any parent/carer of a child with autism living in Hackney (London) to answer this 2-minute survey from the National Autistic Society. We want to offer online support during this lockdown to anyone who might be interested. ā€“ The questionnaire will only take 2 minutes to complete and it is completely anonymous ā€“ You must be aged 18 or over Click here to access the survey: https://greenwichuniversity.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_diYIEmRfSMs2kkK Click here to open the survey and thank you!
  2. Hello My son is 10 (has AS) and is in a mainstream primary school with full-time LA support. School has had 3 headteachers since September (permanent one left, replaced with a temp, and new one no in post). He's been fine since latest HT started, however, has been non-compliant, aggressive, and extremely verbally abusive towards her and other staff members. My one observation was when I took him into school (late), HT opened door, greeted us, however, R responded by moving inches away from her face (bodily language - intimidating) and calling her all the names under the sun. Her tone of voice was firm was she appeared out of her depth (couldn't of been easy for her as I was standing there, and she's new to kiddo), but she lectured him on not disturbing and preventing other children ffrom learning, etc etc. All of which inflamed situation. Most days have been like that since. Latest is that kiddo has lost golden time for this week and next, and is to lose playtimes and lunchtimes all of next week as well. I think this is fundamentally wrong, and feel strongly that no support measures have been put in place to help R cope with the various HT's and their varying teaching styles (it should also be noted that when R becomes difficult, the SFL teacher and HT are called to the class to intervene i.e. R becomes overwhelmed by all of these adults piling into the class!). I feel that a much better strategy would be for them to actually implement ASD teaching tools including social stories, comic strip conversations, visual timetables, etc (which they are not, and haven't done - they dismissed the notion outright). My issue is that firstly, they seem to be failing to her kiddo cope with change, and then secondly, instead of promoting positivity, they're piling on too much pressure, without kiddo having the opportunity to e.g. earn back golden time, playtime, etc. It should also be noted that R has been assessed for ADD, and so I feel that playtimes are extremely important as it gives R the opportunity to let off steam, relax, etc. I'm not for a second saying kiddo shouldn't be punished for bad behaviour, but I fear he's now of the mindset that as he's lost golden time, playtime, etc for the next week, then what's the point of behaving and working (and has actually said that to me). Help - advice needed, review meeting has been brought forward from September to Monday. Caroline.
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