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Found 2 results

  1. I don't know if this is gonna sound silly or if anyone else has to deal with this, but basically I am really struggling, I am 28 years old and have three kids and the problem is I am in this routine of constantly going to my mums house when I should be at home cleaning and just generally getting on doing things grown ups do but the truth is I would rather be reading or on the computer at my mums. I have to come to realise that my mum and my parents house is a security blanket that I keep going back to and its an incredibly unhealthy habit and is definitely driving my husband mental. I just feel like I really struggle with all the demands of being an adult, like when my husband talks to me about work sometimes I just sit there waiting for an oppurtunity to walk awake cause it is stressing me out. I am also really bad at eating a healthy diet and exercising, I try to be good and it lasts for a week at most then I am back to my old faithful routine. There is other stuff as well, I am not formally diagnosed, hoping to look into this soon but after finding out my daughter is probably on the spectrum and doing a lot of research I am almost 99% sure I have aspergers. Any advice would be gratefully received. xx
  2. Hullo All, Been a while since the last posting as i have started my PG Dip at Uni. Wow it's really intense and have been struggling with a few things not least my ability to resist, deny or distort sudden changes. Part of my clinical diagnosis report said that i would find it difficult to change my view on something even in the light of new information. My question is: How do people react to sudden changes even if, deep down, you know there's nothing you can do about them? Even when i have thought i have known something (static fact) and then some additional information comes to light and this fact changes it can often take me months or even years to accept this change. It's annoying the hell out of peers at uni right now and because we sit around in circles for hours on end they have had opportunities to tell me this. I feel so confused because i thought i knew who i was and i now i haven't got a clue anymore, it really really hurts. Have had two major meltdowns in the last two weeks and my head aches from all the banging it against things. I really want to walk out of the course right now but something is keeping me going.......i wonder what it is?
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