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Found 1 result

  1. Hello! So, i thought, for my first post on here, that I'd start a thread that's pretty light. I didn't want to dive in straight away with more detailed, serious struggles. Anyway, I have always been very sensitive to sound - I can deal with loud sound, sudden sound, repetitive sound, certain pitches ect, i can't even have someone whisper around me without hyperventilating. However, I know that there are resources for other people with the same issues. At 17, I've only just been diagnosed, after a 9 year struggle to get someone to listen. I'm looking for some sound cancelling headphones/earmuffs; not whitenoise ones or with cables or anything - I dont want to plug them in, I just want to be able to block sound out when I'm near busy roads and wherever else. But here's the other part - I want some cute ones...I'm really fussy and sentimental (I have no idea if this is due to the aspergers) and although I'm aware that the functions are so much more important that the aesthetics, I was wondering if theres any pretty/girly ones out there? I've seen pink ones, and I've seen some animal ones (but they look funny, i want like a cute bear or something??) I've been looking to see if theres such thing as Rilakkuma themed ones, or something like that? I like Japan and Lolita ect.. So yeah, I hope nobody thinks this is silly - I'm sure that (and hoping) everyone is nice! As I said, I just wanted to start off with something a bit less daunting!
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