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Found 2 results

  1. Seeking adults (18+) with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), who have access to the internet and are able to complete an online 20-30 minute questionnaire independently. This study is designed to learn the relationship between anxiety, sensory processing difficulties and intolerance of uncertainty in a population of adults with ASD. Research is being conducted by Kathryn Flatley (k.flatley@dundee.ac.uk) with collaborative supervision from Dr Ashley Robertson (a.z.robertson@dundee.ac.uk). To begin the survey, please click on the following link - http://www.instant.ly/s/HZ33r
  2. Hi I'm Diane and my partner is Steve We are a fresh new Art's Company based in London that creates Unique Glow in the Dark paintings and plaques for children. That might benefit those with to overcome any sleeping problems. We do have a Question There is little research on the benefits of glow in the dark product's to help on the Sensory side of Aspergers or Autism. Is there any benefit's to glow in the dark product's to help in any way that you have found? We would like your feed back on this if possible please. . Our website is http://www.switchthelightsoff.com We donate to the National Autistic Society. And would like to raise awareness. And we are also listed in the Autism Services Directory http://www.autism.org.uk/directory/resources/18105 Kind Regards Diane And Steve
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