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Good things just keep on happening ...

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.... so of course I keep waiting for the 10 ton weight to fall :lol:


It was JP's apprenticeship awards ceremony last week. We thought he was just going for his certificate - special enough - but he was also awarded Achiever of the Year, out of 30 students! :o


They'd kept it secret, so it was completely overwhelming - cue one very proud & happy young man & one mum bawling her head off!


What really thrills me is .... there were other awards given that night, to the kind of bright, shiny, happy people you'd expect to get awards. It was brilliant that someone had recognised that none of this has come effortlessly to JP, he's had to work very hard indeed, & it has clearly been noticed :notworthy:

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I was quite surprised to see this post bumped up on one of my increasingly rare visits here, but thanks for the good wishes. A quick update before I disappear, quite possibly forever ...


JP moved into his flat at the end of May, & is coping very well. Bit of a blip at work a few weeks after he moved in, but thankfully his line manager contacted us (I fully realise they don't have to now he is an adult) & we were able to go in & help them help him through a difficult transition. He's finding all the talk of public sector redundancies difficult to cope with, & coming on top of the move it was a stress too far for him.


He is staying at his flat virtually all the time now - coping with shopping, washing, cooking & cleaning. He's saved up enough for a new bathroom (he's flushing his toilet with a bucket at the mo!) with hopefully a new kitchen to follow in a few months time. He loves his little home. We are immensely proud of him, that he's achieved all this at just 20 years old.


I'd love to stay around & share the future ups & downs with you. I think too that it is good for parents of younger children to know that sometimes, things can work out well. But after many discussions with the mods, I've decided this is no longer the place for me. I could lie & say I've no problems with the forum, it's just time to move on. And if I post specifics of why I'm leaving, this will probably be deleted. So I'll confine myself to saying that I'm finding the atmosphere on here increasingly combative & intimidating. Just my opinion. I can't see that changing in the near future & find it too distressing to witness, when I remember what a friendly & supportive place this once was. So, it's time.


It's been a privilege to be here & get to know some of you, & thanks for all the support over a rollercoaster few years.

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