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CD Weirdness!

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I just bought an album and tried to copy it to my computer using Windows Media Player.


It plays the right songs as listed on the cover, but it seems to think it's an earlier edition of the something similar, lists the wrong date, wrong songs and wrong album artwork. It also thinks it is disc 1, 2 and 1 :wacko:


I can manually edit the song titles, but not the bands or the artwork. Anyone know any solutions?

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Hi Tally, try right clicking and then 'update album info' then browse for the version of the album you have...

Sometimes the database just hasn't got the album listed - especially with reissues or 'special editions', and there's no way round but to edit as you have, but then quite often media player will 'fix' it the next time you update your media files anyway, undoing all your hard work!

For artwork, copy the album cover you have then paste that where the wrong image is displaying. It is bl00dy annoying, I know, 'cos i've got a few CD's that do the same thing and media player just doesn't take kindly to being told it's wrong!


Good luck :whistle:





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