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Moving to a New Secondary School

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Hi Guys


My son Matt has been out of school now for 12 weeks we managed to get him to go back 1/2 days this week and it was just dreadful - I feel the school - mainstream secondary has basically given up on him. He has a full time classroom assistant and instead of being his "buddy" she is just his spy to report on him - this had made me very cross as hes always offending her?


Example of Thursday went in - went to form class was happy - went to ICT wanted to sit with his friend and have the classroom assistant on his left hand side and friend on right (long table) classroom assistant refused saying she was right handed - he then became very cross and wouldn't do any work - she reported him to SENCO who phoned me and told me to come and pick him up this was 10am one hour later. The teacher in the ICT room has no problem with the kids quietly chatting while working but he wasn't allowed to do this and so was excluded.


This has gone on all week and I've decided to move him to another secondary school as any chance of special needs school is out the window no Moderate Learning Difficulty.


Has anyone done this he is in year 10 now but year 11 and 12 loom and would be more important years - I don't know if its the right choice but i feel I have no other options and do not want to send him somewhere that can't be bothered with him.



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Does your son have a diagnosis, and does he have a Statement of SEN?


If he is not coping in this mainstream secondary school, he is probably going to have similar problems in any other mainstream school. Plus wherever he moved to would need time [about 6 months] to allow him to settle in and for them to get some understanding of his needs.


You maybe in a better position where you are to get more support and provision via his Statement - or get a Statement if you do not have one, where you are, because you have evidence that things are not working.

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Also why has he been out of school for 12 weeks?

What did the school do?

What education did he recieve whilst out of school?

Was this part of an exclusion and was it an illegal exclusion?

What advice have school sought from the educational psychologist or the speech and language therapist or the autism advisory teacher?

What additional or different support was offered after this 12 weeks out of school?

Was there any meeting held in school that you attended?

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Hi Sally


I took him out of school myself because everyday I was getting calls to pick him up he was being aggressive they were being extremely unhelpful - he has a statement and has a full time classroom assistant but all she managed to do was take offence at him and report him he got some home tuition whilst out of school and we were starting again after Easter. As soon as he went back it was the same old routine nothing new and when he wanted to sit with friends interact with classroom his classroom assistant was stopping this happening keeping him away to make sure he didn't talk even though the others in his class are allowed to talk quietly. Then it was just a matter of me getting a call about an hour or two later to pick him up as he wouldn't co-operate with them.


So I felt they had given up on him and couldn't be bothered with the hassle anymore - I've already been in with the ed board and they are more than useless so I've taken him out now and am going to try somewhere else. It might not work but a fresh set of eyes may help him -he hasn't been diagnosed with Aspergers but with OCD / ADHD / Anxiety Disorder - he manages to make friends but is very immature for his age and doesn't always read siutations right and so then struggles.


Anyway I feel I have no other options I don't want to keep trying over the next two years with people who don't give a hoot about him and therefore have been forced into this position.


I haven't spoken to NAS as he has not had a diagnosis of Autism and don't know whether they would be able to help.?


thanks Karen

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