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    Well thanks all for ur advice he tried to take an over dose at the weekend because I insisted he couldn't smoke so what now ??
  2. KKaren


    Thanks guys for your advice ill just have to go with the flow and see if the novelty wears off probably take a few years until then ill try and keep him off the real things and out of trouble!, Not Easy!!
  3. KKaren


    At the minute he isn't smoking the real thing. He was at school supplied by his mates, on the psy advice I got him an electronic cig - which hes used up to now and now he wants to smoke herbal... what I'm saying is hes driving me mad and yes he knows all the health risks as he has researched it but its like water off a ducks back and I know he'll be on the real things as soon as he can buy them himself. As for other things to do he boxes, he has a gym membership, he helps out at an animal santuary so I've tried numerous things to keep him occupied and healthy! But hes his own person and will do his own thing and 3 more years as he keeps telling me he'll be an adult - hopefully it won't be drugs but who knows.
  4. KKaren


    He is 15 and says it calms him down. I think to start it was peer pressure and fitting into the group Now he no longer attends school and is home tutored he says it calms him and keeps the boredom at bay
  5. Hi guys my 15 year old son has become obsessed with smoking He's tried the real things through friends so docs advice was to get him an electronic cig Been smoking that for a while now and now wants to try herbal All in all he keeps asking me to buy them for him which I say is illegal and he can smoke at 16 if he really wants to but the health concerns out way the smoking Any similar problems ??? To let him smoke or not??? He's doing my head in with this at the moment any advice would be good.
  6. Hi Sally Thanks for your advice i live in NI which is part of the UK but I when i suggested a school for my son it was just ignored - he doesn't have any professionals working with him apart from CAMHS (which are not great) - I've had advice from the childrens law unit and I've emailed SENAC for their advice, I also have a social worker and I am in the process of getting his statement reassessed however hes now 14 and time is running out and I think the education board are just bidding their time until he is no longer their problem. I have emailed the board and asked them to provide me with a list of schools with special units and will go from there - god knows what January brings! But for the meantime we will try and enjoy Christmas... Karen
  7. I have a 14 year old boy with PDA, ADHD, OCD. Since going into secondary school it has been a nightmare. He has been taken out of school now and placed into an Educational Guidance Centre as he was being aggressive in school. He is statemented and had a full time classroom assitant. This guidance centre is much worse than school, its strict discipline has sent him over the edge, they send him home for the smallest things He gets sent home for days on end sometimes weeks. They have admitted they can't cope with him and don't have the resources to manage his behaviour - which in my eyes has got much worse since attending this place. I have contacted the childrens law centre because he wants deperately to attend school but is definitely in the wrong environment. The Education Board have said he can have noting else but 4 hours home tutoring per week. He can't go back to his mainstream school (it probably wouldn't work) without a good report from this centre. The teachers in the centre are not sympathic to children like my son they just think he has severe behavioural problems which can be solved with discipline. There is a special needs school which I would like him to attend but his IQ is too high (just over ) to attend this school. I have asked for him to be reassessed and told him to fail all of their tests to drop his IQ??? i'm just deperate to get him into a suitable place. any advice would be great??? oh yes he wants to attend school he likes being in school and has tantrums if he can't go.!
  8. Thanks I'll be googling those!
  9. Has anyone ever used this product it's from America and I have heard good reports that it helps with aggression and concentration ?? trying it out on my 14 yo son see if it helps him
  10. I'm still getting the looks!!! God help those respectable neighbours I have... with their peeerrrffect lives !!! I bet everyone of them has a skelton in the cupboard or maybe under the patio!!! keep smiling
  11. School has been a nightmare for him he has been home tutored the last 6 months before the holidays, he is going to a special unit in September which he has obtained a full time place - very small and only about 4 / 5 in a class so I'm hoping this will work out okay for him - the problem with the kids in the street is he says whatever pops into his head and sometimes its very inappropriate - obviously the neighbours think because hes 14 he should be able to control this and is doing it on purpose to upset their children and we don't discipline him enough.. forget the fact their children are calling him inappropriate swear words ! thats just normal... fun times!!! Anyway as you say hopefully everyone going back to school and dark nights will calm the situation down a good bit.. Either that or I'll just have to drink more wine!!! Karenx
  12. Thanks Guys normally these people don't annoy me I'll just have to ignore the lot of them.! Its him I feel sorry for and it doesn't help his confidence. I think I'll buy a house in the middle of a field!!
  13. Do you ever feel like public enemy number 1??? Moved house as having problems with son and kids in the street settled into new house not much more than a year and now all the kids in the street fighting excluding my son again and parents calling to complain about him. Does it ever end????
  14. Hi guys anyone been on this med?? my 14 year old is trying very bad ADHD and not great with meds gets bad moods?
  15. Hi Sally I took him out of school myself because everyday I was getting calls to pick him up he was being aggressive they were being extremely unhelpful - he has a statement and has a full time classroom assistant but all she managed to do was take offence at him and report him he got some home tuition whilst out of school and we were starting again after Easter. As soon as he went back it was the same old routine nothing new and when he wanted to sit with friends interact with classroom his classroom assistant was stopping this happening keeping him away to make sure he didn't talk even though the others in his class are allowed to talk quietly. Then it was just a matter of me getting a call about an hour or two later to pick him up as he wouldn't co-operate with them. So I felt they had given up on him and couldn't be bothered with the hassle anymore - I've already been in with the ed board and they are more than useless so I've taken him out now and am going to try somewhere else. It might not work but a fresh set of eyes may help him -he hasn't been diagnosed with Aspergers but with OCD / ADHD / Anxiety Disorder - he manages to make friends but is very immature for his age and doesn't always read siutations right and so then struggles. Anyway I feel I have no other options I don't want to keep trying over the next two years with people who don't give a hoot about him and therefore have been forced into this position. I haven't spoken to NAS as he has not had a diagnosis of Autism and don't know whether they would be able to help.? thanks Karen
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