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Do you know of any teachers diagnosed with AS ?

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... It looks like the tribunal won't be over until september - which will be over 2 years from dismissal.


I still wish you the best. I think it's unbelievable to have you waiting for so long.

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It's hard, teaching. I've just dropped out of my placement because of my aspergers getting in the way

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hi amberzak,

sorry to hear you have dropped out.


when i did my PGCE, i was given clear guidance in what was expected of me, and so got good grades.


The 3 placements most of my colleagues had were good school, bad school, middle of road school.


I know of one student more recently who - used her "charms" to get a placement in only two schools 9 in one local authority.


as I now know a bit more about teaching - If i could turn back the clock - i would have requested specidfic schools for my placement


I would also advise you to think about what school(s) you want to be in on placement.


I suggest that rather than resigning from a course - even if you already have - try to backtracxk a bit and seek approval for your existing achievements to be kept - ie so you can slot into the course again in next year or a few years time ( without having to re-do some bits) and without having to re-apply.


If you are going to be a teaching assistant, then it would seem to be a good springboard to get back into teaching - get your placements at that school(s)


I got on fine with my undiagnosed aspergers in good, high achieving schools, where good discipline was expected, and a powerful enforcement policy.


Also in a low achieving school - with horrendous behaviour in every class. - where the staff were consistent.


also in a middle of the road school where there was consistent behaviour enforcement throughout the school.


where i got into difficulties was in a middling school, which had no consistent behaviour policy and staff had conflicting views on how to deal with behaviour and what behaviour was acceptable.


I would suggest trying to teach in a better school, as there a lot of problems you can encounter have already been overcome, and there is already an effective scheme of work - some poorer schools with no standard scheme of work are very wasteful as you are constantly re-inventing the wheel.


best regards, and think positive.


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