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Sharing good news :)

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Just wanted to share some good news...


As my daughter with AS will be studying Pyschology at Uni in September, she still needed to acquire a maths GCSE at grade B or above. (even though she has the relevant entry grades at A level) Maths isn't her thing really (at all) but first time she managed a C and is redoing her module maths this year.


She just got her module results for two modules and got two A's which means that unless she completely misses the point in the summer exam, she will definitely get her much longed for B grade or even better!! She was so excited down the phone... the results always come to here as this is listed as her home address so I get to see them first and its nerve racking every time I open a result for her.


I am so impressed at how well she has done, and how she juggles her studies. just wanted to say whoooooopppppppeeeeeeeee lol










(a personal Video blog about how our family copes with Autism and it's difficulties)



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That's fantastic news.


Had a telephone conversation with my son's specialist literacy teacher. She is training him to use software for reading and writing now. He has severe dyslexia and dyscalculia. He is 12 and just starting to read. And by using software he can read more 'age appropriate material'. Because being 12 and reading books that contain words he can read, means he's on reception year stuff, which is boring and as he says himself are "baby books".


I think that modern technology can offer our children so much more and enable them to achieve to their potential.


I've had a look at one of your videos. Very encouraging. I tried to comment, but it did not load.


Have you seen Amanda Baggs videos on YouTube. I first saw one of them at a Wendy Lawson seminar. Certainly made me think about how some children/adults present and the preconceived ideas we have of their abilities. Amanda Baggs 'looks' severely autistic, and then, when using her computer with voice generating software, she is obviously a very vocal and intellient woman.


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A couple of days ago we had a meeting in school about my sons residential stays.


I told him about the meeting, and for the first time he said he wanted to be in the meeting and answer questions.


So proud of him. He's growing up.

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