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How do your obsessions work?

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I've know. People who have one obsession their whole lives.


I flit between a few. I have my stories, I love learning (sometimes I get obsessed with learning a language, at the moment it's maths) but then I can also become obsessed with things like sorting my DVDs and games. I get obsessed with computer games, but they never last long as I either complete them really quickly (especially puzzle games) or I grow bored of them.


I've never been one to get obsessed over people though.


Also, I find my obsessions come and go. I am always busy, but a full on obsession, which is all encompassing and I don't eat or sleep or even wash, I can tell when they start coming. I'm teetering on the edge of one now.


So how does it affect you? I'm interested.

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mine include embroidery which is handy when im making presents for family and friends. stamp collecting which takes up quite a bit of space so my spares are going to charity hmsa. Liverpool fc and playmobil. my ocd like obsessions include hoarding abd recycling so easier to overcome 1 obsession by morphing into another.

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I also love learning in general. My obsessions tend to be based around wider topics and then change between more specialised things within that e.g. I have always been obsessed with music and playing guitar. At different times in my life I have been obsessed with different types of music. At the moment I am really into classical guitar, blues and lute music and have started learning to play the lute. Another obsession is bird watching and recently I have been getting obsessed with learning the latin names of birds. I also really like finding rookeries and mapping these and have been putting this to good use by helping with a survey of rookeries.

Some obsessions seem to develop gradually like my ordnance survey map collection which I seem to be getting more and more obsessed with. This has developed over a number of years.

Reading everything I can on aspergers and autism has been a more recent obsession (probably linked to the fact that I have only been diagnosed recently).

Some obsessions just seem to last a short while e.g. I had a brief obsession with goats quite a few years ago.

I guess they would probably seem strange to a lot of people but they keep me happy.

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