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Anger in 9 year old with ASD ADHD

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Hi my son Piers has Asperger syndrome and ADHD. He takes concerta 36mg in the morning, this has helped his concentration and educationally he is doing very well at school, he repeated reception and has remained a school year behind his twin sister. This year at school he has improved so much with his reading and numeracy skills so school view this year as a major success however socially it has been a disaster. He is socially immature and very small for his age he would prefer to play with teddy bears and is terrified of ball games, most of the boys in his class are football mad so this singles him out immediately. He is often called a baby and treated like an idiot this really upsets him. The one friendship he has is with a really manipulative child who demands toys, sweets etc in exchange for friendship Piers hands these over as he is so desperate for a friend. I have spoken to school about this and they have started a socially speaking intervention with Piers. He has had numerous changes to his LSA the latest one due to the fact that his LSAs son was bullying him, after i complained they have now employed someone who will be with him until the end of year 6. His teacher is not special needs friendly (despite being the SENCO)and her answer is always well he is fine at school and implies we must be doing something wrong at home. He just about holds it together at school but then we have terrible meltdowns at home and I have to cajole him all the way to school. He then holds it all together again at school. I have been through the same thing with my oldest son but he was 12 when this started and really don,t want to have Piers go through the hell Marcus did. We are also having problems with aggression he is verbally and physically aggressive towards his siblings and myself afterwards he is full of remorse and says things like nobody loves me beacuse I am a naughty boy why don,t you put me up for adoption (he has a friend who is adopted so knows all about this). We obviously reassure him and tell him we love him a lot and don,t want to give him away but he struggles to believe this. He has never been given this impression by myself his sister maybe but not us. He says the most horrible things ("I am going to stab you in the eye with this fork", "I will snap your neck" and at these times I really believe he could do it. I make sure knives are out of reach and watch him like a hawk. He only has 4 more weeks in this teachers class and his teacher for next year is much more child friendly but also very quiet and I am afraid she may not be firm enough with him.

I am not sure his medication is right for him it worked really well initially but now we are seeing increasingly aggressive and hyperactive behaviour he also barely eats anything, he only weighs 3 stone 4 at age 9 this is another concern. Any advice, I hate seeing him like this and it is affecting my other childrens lives also.

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Is changing school a possibility? What about removing gluten and dairy from his diet? (best done when you can be strict about it eg holidays, symptoms may increase to begin with). Would slow release concerta be better for him? Theres a few books out there, 'when my autism gets too big' (anger book aimed at children your sons age), 'freaks geeks and Asperger syndrome', 'what does everyone else know that I dont' (social skills book). Anger might be depression omega 3s can help with concentration issues and depression but can take 12 weeks to work.


I became much better after I went gf/cf. I also took out aspartame and msg. Benzoates make me severely aggressive and hyper even though im not adhd.

Theres a few sections on interventions and autism on other sections of this board. Some additives cause difficulties for adhd folk.

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