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Can I legally stop sending my AS son to school

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People were a great help on here last time so I'm back!

To try keep it brief, my son (10) is currently in mainstream school. His statement has been changed to special school and the panel from the LA have met to discuss funding for our chosen school (out of LA and expensive as its a school for boys with AS) so we are waiting on their decision. Then the special school need to see if he 'fits' in with them and they can meet his needs.


His mainstream school appear to have given up on him and he is having an even more terrible time then he usually does. He has been excluded again today for the 2nd time in 3 weeks, for 3.5 days. His melt down today; where he ruined school property could have been avoided if they had dealt with it properly. He also came home with red marks from being restrained.

My question is, am I within my rights to take him out of school while the local authority make their decision?

Would people advise I do? - I don't want it to mess up any decision which is to be made.


Thank you in advance

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It might be worth looking into funding for support worker to help him in school. What also would be useful is to actually find out why he is having these meltdowns. They happen for a reason - so the school should be helping you with this. Getting someone from your LA or local CAMHS to observe him and his surroundings etc might pinpoint it. It could be the constant changes to his routines at school, over stimulus from other pupils, it could even be something as simple as the lighting setting off sensory overloads.They need to help.

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