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  1. Aeolienne, you've been in regular contact with us since 2011, and you're most definitely at this point aware of how the trainee scheme operates, and why it operates the way it does. Since then, you've been sent several employment opportunities, which you've felt aren't suitable as they aren't related to your field of interest. That's absolutely fine, and completely your prerogative. However we've been really clear on what field of employment we recruit in - which is IT and Data. You've most definitely got those skills, but to keep returning to the same issue repeatedly, is not going to help. Especially since we're not running the training right now. We're not running the assessment and training programme at the moment, as we are focusing on making the business sustainable long term. This means that when the business is sustainable - we will be able to run the training programme again. It has always been made clear that the training, which is offered for free including a software testing qualification course, can only offer expenses. We're located in both London and Glasgow now, as you know, and we'll keep trying to find something suitable for you. If you want to have a chat via email or otherwise, get in touch and we'll be happy to talk.
  2. Aeolienne - all the trainees were on benefits, so were not just existing on expenses alone. Anyone working with Specialisterne now are paid the going rate for jobs in their field on a self employed basis.
  3. Aeolienne, AS hasn't been on the forum for a while I'm afraid. However if you still want to talk I'm here.
  4. I'm responding to several complaints coming directly into my inbox. The moderator you felt we were all swayed by isn't on the forum anymore and hasn't been for a long time, however we do have many people of the Jewish faith from several backgrounds who have felt extremely uncomfortable at the tone that the discussion has taken. Which is why I've kind of waded into this a bit emotionally reactively. Having read over the entire thread, and taken some time to think about it rationally - I can see both sides of the issue, and feel it's probably best that if you want to discuss things like this to make it very clear that this is an intellectual discussion - and not a soapbox for your ideological beliefs if that's what they are. If you do have issues with Jewish people(and I'm definitely not saying you do), it's not really cool to be so vocal about it on a forum that's supposed to be a relatively safe place. I, nor anyone else aren't going to censor you or anything like that - but maybe this isn't the place for it. It might actually be an idea going forward to have a debate thread similar to the one at Asperclick, and tag it appropriately so that you can discuss things like this to your hearts content and not worry about offending anyone. If you like, I can set it up.
  5. Aeolienne, Specialisterne are very clear that they are focusing on growing the business side to make the whole organisation sustainable - so that they can run the training again in the future. You've also been sent several job opportunities which have been open to everyone on the mailing list to apply to if they a. want to and b. meet the criteria - it's just been the case that you've not felt they are suitable. I've also encouraged you to pursue further coding knowledge through the LiveCode initiative, but again, you've felt it's not been for you. That's totally fine, and completely your choice - however to say there's been nothing since isn't entirely accurate. I'm actually about to send out another opportunity for a graduate programme in the next few days - so there are options out there.
  6. You need to speak to your key worker or support. He shouldn't be influencing where you can live.
  7. The anti-semitism stops now. The racism stops now. People being dickheads isn't down to the colour of their skin. It's down to them being dickheads. End of.
  8. Optomen have been in contact with my company to film as well, and I have asked about the whole process so that's why I know.
  9. If it goes ahead - you have to audition to appear in the show - make sure you have the right support in place.
  10. matzoball


    People on the spectrum tend to feel things a lot more keenly than neurotypicals - we have a lot of issues with emotion management, so this falls very much under that! Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a great way to deal with it - ask your local GP to refer you
  11. http://www.asd-forum.org.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/30583-research-projectsrequests-to-participate-in-things/
  12. Rochene - please refer to the forum guidelines on posting surveys. They're pinned at the top of the threads.
  13. You're asked to pay in advance before assessment unless your assessment is being paid for by the NHS or other funding source.
  14. Hi there, it's part of the forum guidelines to contact moderators before posting things like this - while the service sounds great, you have neglected to mention it's chargeable. Will it still cost money if an NHS referral is involved?
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