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Delays in validating new member applications

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I don't know what the protocol for this is but it seemed to me that I could not post anything until my membership had been validated.


I took two weeks for my account to be validated and that only after repeated requests and finally guessing the email addresses of the admins. The contact email address of moderators@asd-forum.org.uk is invalid and bounces making it even harder to make any sort of contact.


Now that I am a member I have looked at the member list and I can see that there are at least 14 other people waiting to be validated, some of them for over a month now.


I don't know exactly what criteria you look for in someone's application for membership but there is precious little information available to the admins, so it is hard to see what the purpose of validation actually is.


In any event it seems to take far too long, if people want to be members of a forum they feel that they have something they want to say and making them wait like this is wrong.

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Hi gigaday


The forum was unfortunately hacked a few years ago and as a result we have tightened up the registration process on the forum.


I agree two weeks is a long time to wait however the forum is run by volunteers and sometimes it takes a while to process the registrations.


Many thanks for flagging the issue with the email address which is currently being investigated by ISP.


For obvious reasons I will not be explaining the checks we make as part of a member registration however I can confirm that that the 14 people who are currently waiting to be validated have not completed the registration process yet and are therefore not waiting for admin approval.


Kind regards




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