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Hi from forty something Aspie!

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Hi all, my name is Retro Aspie from Luton, Beds, UK and I am 46 next month, and a single bachelor who only had an Aspergers diagnosis in 2014 at 43. I always guessed I was different somehow but was thought of as odd and weird at senior school and in my teenage years and still have bad memories sometimes. On the plus side, I work full time, am not in debt, drive and have travelled all over the place on my own and am quite confident with certain select things. But not everything. I am hoping I can get help and advice from like minded people or find out if there is any support, clubs etc in the South Beds area for Aspies. I suppose I am quite high functioning but am very sensitive, cannot understand joking and teasing very well.


I left school at 17 and started work not long after son never went to Uni or anything but have always felt happy mostly doing what I do. Went through various patches mainly in my 30's feeling envious of non Aspies my age, leaving me behind with super jobs, holidays, marriages and children etc. I've never felt I earned enough to afford that but to be honest, decided I didn't want children but love my 2 nieces and get on well with my friends children, one of whom I'm godfather too.


Interested in history post World War 2, classic motor cars, old TV shows and films, travelling, retro music, 60's to 80's. Given lots of things a try but many of them I won't perhaps do again. Not much of a fan of Sport but I try to look after myself health wise. Also am a model maker and restorer of old toy cars.


I help to look after my nearly 76 year old widowed mother, and worry about her and the future a little bit but hope I can continue my life OK.


When I found out about Aspergers syndrome itself and read up about it, it definitely was about me I realised. I am a bit of a worrier and get in a flap and annoyed when things get changed at the last minute and don't go to plan. Also like certainty and worry about change and hope there's people I can talk to about a number of things which may spring to mind.


Hope I haven't rambled too much and maybe I'll be back on and see what other people are talking about.


Cheers all!



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Hello and welcome to the forum. A lot of what you have said sounds familiar to me as well. The getting in a flap and worrying about your mother is something I tend to do as well.


The citizens advice bureau have some online guides for carers alongside holding meetings with people in your local area.


Also 'age uk' (formerly age concern) produce excellent guides for specific disabilities and claiming various benefits like attendance allowance (money paid to elderly people to pay someone to care for you.


I hope you feel listened and heard on this forum.

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