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Urgent Help -Teenage son violent

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3rd time in about 6 months now. This time he really went for it.

First two times hes thrown things at me - albeit 2nd time a large battery.

This time he decided to dig me in the stomach because he didnt agree with me telling him off for something. We went outside and I did grab him and tell him to cut it out (probably not best idea thinking about). But then he started swinging, hit me a few times cut my lip etc.

One thing I didnt hit him back although I felt like it.

Really don't know what to do. I could have phoned the police I guess and got him taken to the cells (this is what CAMHS are telling us to do).

Dont know what to do. For now, we;ve removed his PC, his mobile, his bedroom door.

Hes all sorry but this is not the first time. With a wife whos smaller than him and a 4 year old sister (hes lost his temper with her in the past) I just dont know what to do.

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