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Sons driving test today - way he was treated

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Son was diagnosed 4/5 years ago. Its been a very tough time for him and the family....

Good news is he's doing OK now. In 6th form doing his A-levels and, after lockdown blips, planning college.

Been learning to drive. He's OK to be honest. Bit slow and hesitant and takes things a little too literally (as with everything)
Failed his test xmas time because he was too hesitant but nearly.

Had another test today. Lasted 9 minutes!!! They got back, Examiner refused to discuss with me. He was so upset, took me a while. They use a sat nav now for the tests. The examiner said to him - "you're not capable of using the sat nav so I'm cancelling the test".

All because he got confused as to what turning the sat nav meant and went straight on instead of turning. Only twice. He's flagged as ASD when I booked the test and they're supposed to make allowances. No allowances given here! I don't think the examiner even knew.

Absolutely fuming to be honest..... NINE MINUTES (and that includes probably 5 of those driving in and out from the test centre).

I know my son - when he passes his test there is 1000% no way he's going to be doing 120mph down the M4 or doing donuts in Tesco car park. All the poor sod wants is to be able to drive to his GFs house.....

I can probably appeal. Might get my £62 back but that's not important. Its 6 month waiting list for next test and, at the moment, his confidence is shot to bits because of this. He might decided he doesn't want to bother any more.

I know people make mistakes but I'm just mad at this examiner, what a waste of oxygen he is. Honestly, if he was in front of me now...

I'm STILL bomping mad.....

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