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Hi All

Just thought I would share with you this poem about my dad, whom I suspect of having aspergers.This is written through the viepoint of others as I have had no contact with him since I was five.I hope some of you can relate to this poem.


A Misunderstood Man


They all thought he was just shy

They never knew the reason why

They all thought he wanted to lock his door

And people he wanted to ignore


Nobody really liked him much

He ruined everything he touched

Christmas,Birthdays and the like

Were met with great fright


He liked to control everyone he held dear

Trying to mask his every fear

It all became too much

So drink became his friendly crutch


Now he had something to hide behind

While his self he tried to find

He knew something was wrong

He knew he didn't fit in and belong


The art of communication

Caused him much frustration

Social nicetiescaused him much despair

Emotions were not something he could ever share


Trouble is he was born over sixty years ago

And although what was wrong was there on show

No one had opened the door

And gone inside to explore


I guess he'll die

Without ever knowing the reason why

It's all such a shame

that no one ever understood the reasons for his pain.

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