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  1. Baddad If you read through my posts you will see i have always tried to help and support others on this forum.Obvoiusly you see things differently. My daughters illness is certainly not my only reason for coming on this forum.I just wanted to give something back as a kind of thank you for her recovery and helping and supporting others when I was in a similar sitution myself for six months is my way of doing that.Later on when my children are older i would like to help at a local pre scool special needs group.If i can get rid of the panic attacks and flashbacks!!! Whilst you might see my daughters illness as a historic event, I do not. Anyway I will be leaving it here. asereht My daughter had autistic encephalitus following an mmr booster.I was told she would never recover but luckily after six months she made a full recovery.
  2. Baddad I very much agree that Timelords posts appear confusing and misleading and it is quite right to question this. As my own daughter was left severly autistic after an mmr vaccination then i guess i would be correct in saying in common with lots of people on this forum that asd has affected my life. I am lucky very very lucky she made a full recovery but the flashbacks the panic attacks and subsequent depression suffered by the rest of my family over this has been vast. I will endevour to make my posts more positive in future. ceccee I have pm you.
  3. I see i understand a little better now. I must admit over the couple of years i've been her I have found this forum supportive and helpful in the main.But there have been odd occasions when I have felt reluctant to post . Like many on this forum a.s. has affected my life in many different areas and at times I have felt overwhelmed and down hearted by it.I guess my posts often are quite negative about the condition and there have been times i have been worried about posting because of this. On the whole though I have found the forum freindly and supportive.I really hope timelord does continue to post as it is obvious like lots of others his sons a.s. has affected his life to quite an extent. Best wishes ceecee
  4. Timelord Sorry you feel like that.I don't know any background behind why you should feel like this as i have not been following your threads but I just wanted to send you some of these <'> <'> <'> and urge you to continue posting to try to get the help and support you need. Take care ceceexx
  5. My daughter had her first mmr at 15 months no problem developed entirely normally.She then went on to have her mmr booster at 4.Within 2 weeks she was severely autistic.After much deliberation gt ormond street diagnosed autistic encephalitus with mmr being the cause although the link could not be prooved!!!I was told she would stay like that for the rest of her life despite being entirely normal for the first four years of her life before she had her mmr.we were lucky in six months she had made a full recovery and is now nine and doing well living life to the full the same as all the other nine year old little girls in her class.you would never know. I then went on to have a son who is now four.He is completely non vaccinated even down to him having his vitiamin k orally(the injection they give to babies when they are born. With me it is a case of once bitten twice shy and i'll take my chances thanks. Everyone can only do what is right for them or what they feel is right for them.yes it'a a gamble but i feel i have no other choice.I have never been hassled about my son being non vaccinated from anyone. I have to say that in my daughters case I believe genetically she was at risk although i didn't realise it at the time.
  6. I agree with zemanski most toddlers do this for a while.i worried about my son when he first started walking as he was doing this and it frightened me after what happened with my daughter.However much to my relief he settled down and he is fine walks perfectly okay now. Hope this helps. I also worried if he span round, looked at his hands, spun the wheels on his toy car etc etc.When we know the signs we can over analyse everything and worry often unneccessarily. I am sure all will be fine <'> <'>
  7. After my experience with my daughter I do this too. sadly i did it to my son for two years and it left me unable to bond with him until he was about two and a half.As it happens he is fine but I wish i could get those years back. Like someone was saying certain trigger words and my heart misses a beat. The playschool teacher has only got to say can i have a word with you and my heart is in my mouth thinking is she going to say she has noticed something i missed. Silly i know. I always check for it at parties too! Glad i'm not the only one.I would never say anything though case I was wrong.I probably would if I was asked though, what do you think?Then i guess i would kind of try to say tactfully easier said than done
  8. Kathryn I too believe my father may be on the spectum.This is something that i too will probably never know for sure. Mossgrove i have not read martian in the playground but will endevour to do so.i recognise many a.s. traits in myself and would guess i too havea.s traits.In your post you actually described me to a 't' Hailey I can so identify with what you are saying and will p.m. you. I would like to think on this forum we are able to say negative things about a.s. without being judged. I am sure we all know that people with a.s present differently to each other as do n.t. people. You only have to read through the many posts on here to see how distressing the condition can be but equally how loyal and loving people with a.s. can be. The same would apply to n.t. people but this is a forum for asd so primarily i would say this is what gets discussed. Hailey you don't offend me and i have a.s. traits myself.I know the plusses and the minusses . Hailey <'> <'> <'> I understand exactly how you are feeling.Take care
  9. I have no problems with someone expressing a difference of opinion.It is when someone is overly on the defense that it could then become a problem making people reluctant to post anything negative.This is not the first post this has happened.It happened a couple of days ago and someone was trying to get help for their husband who they suspected had a.s. After a defensive post about a.s. the person trying to get some help got no further posts and consequently there was no further help or advice offered and the posts went to the bottom of the page. I was just trying to make a point that on this forum you are going to have people saying many negative things about a.s. because they are trying to understand and get help and support and post when things are tough. Anyway i think we have gone off the point of the original reason for this thread.
  10. I had an imaginary friend when i was little much to my mum's embarrassment
  11. I think many people come on this forum when things are tough and not going well, to lok for help support and advice.This is human nature.Consequently their posts are possibly showing the negative points of a.s. rather than the positive.When things are going well possibly they wouldn't post so readily.Again this is just human nature and does not mean they are unaware of the positive parts of a.s. I personally would hate to feel as though someone was going to jump down my throat if I said anything negative about a.s. When possibly I was pulling my hair out and looking for help support and advice. I have generally found this forum supportive but there have been occasions when i have felt like this. Anyway just my thoughts.Hope I haven't caused offense putting this point across.
  12. I personally don't think anyone was giving their partners etc a slating as such just highlighting the difficulties of having a relationship with someone with a.s. Yes people with a.s. can be very loyal and very loving but equally as Hailey said they can be very absorbed in themselves and some of the things and behaviour displayed can be distressing. There are pluses and minus in a.s. and there are two sides to the coin.I think that is apparent from reading posts on Krism. I think most of us are aware just like n.t people there are good and bad points about a.s
  13. I think sometimes once you come on here for one reason initially then the penny just drops and you suddenly see the wood for the trees Hope this makes sense <'> <'> <'> <'>
  14. <'> I think there have been threads on this kind of thing before about people on the spectrum hearing voices and seeing things etc.I'm sorry i can't offer any advice it is not something i personally have experience of.Maybe someone will come along with some advice shortly. nikrix Whilst i understand how you feel as far as i am concerned there is definately a place for you on this forum.Please continue to post.I think there is a place for everyone on this forum.Thats my personal opinion anyway. I think there are times when many of us have felt we don't fit in although that probably isn't the case. <'> <'> <'>
  15. Richt Hope you feel better soon.Please see your gp and ask him for help.keep posting on here it is a supportive and understanding forum <'> <'> <'>
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