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New Guidelines and Rules

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Rule introduction notice:


In response to a number of recent incidents it has been agreed by the moderating and administration team that new rules be introduced to safeguard the integrity of the forum.


All members are asked to abide by new guidelines regarding single identity posting, as detailed in the amended forum rules found in the header section of all posting areas.

While it is recognised that ?dual identity? posting does not necessarily imply any malicious intent it would be foolish not to recognise that there are potential dangers. It is felt that on a website of this nature, with a family membership, the protection of more vulnerable users must be a prime consideration.

We would ask any members currently posting under dual names to refrain from this activity, and to revert to a single on-forum identity.

We trust that all members will appreciate the reasoning behind this decision, and would reassure you that to date there have been no dual posts discovered that imply any malicious intent. It is felt, however, that as the forum continues to expand the potential for system abuse is a very real consideration, and that prevention is always better than cure.





Your hosting and moderating team

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Good idea - I hate it when people don't put their recognised name to a comment they've made ... on other sites, I mean, not this one specifically.


Just a suggestion that you should now delete (or at least edit) the pinned "Forum Rules" post on each forum (this is the one on this forum), as they are now out-of-date (missing a rule, and the mention of the 3 new moderators). :)



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