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changing provider

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#1 BuntyB


    Ben Nevis

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Posted 15 August 2010 - 06:31 PM

hi I got a call from a provider offering me a much cheaper bundle of phone and broadband which they would organise and was due to change in about 3 weeks when I suddenly got cut off. My current provider said they couldn't help this; it was down to new provider. New provider said it was old provider cutting me off too soon (sounds spiteful!) Anyway I cannot live without internet access, certainly not for a few weeks.

My phone provider (BT)sent me a letter saying it will cost me 90 to get out my contract so have decided to stay with them until it ends. My old broadband provider was persuaded to put me back online but I am not happy! I've asked for my MAC code and will look for someone else. I pay 23.99 for an ADSL unlimited use. It's supposed to be the fastest you can get but checker says I get speed of 2.7 which sounds pants? I'm not techie, you can probably tell!

My kids are all online, so guess I need an unlimited deal, but when I went on a comparison site, the reviews on everyone were awful! can anyone give me some advice? I have a BT line which I'm keeping and just need broadband. I don't have cable facility.

#2 Jota


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Posted 29 August 2010 - 07:08 PM


You can narrow down your search of internet providers that service your local exchange here..


Just look for your local exchange and click it then check the table entitled 'LLU operator presence' to see who is in your area. Then you can compare them and see who has the best deal.

Here's a site that has a chart of ISP's rated by thousands of users which might help you narrow it down.


Edit. The price you are currently paying seems extortionate. I'm with AOL (now carphone warehouse) and I'm £9.99 for 8mb unlimited usage and I can get 7mb speeds regularly.

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#3 baddad



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Posted 29 August 2010 - 11:11 PM

Hi shona -
would agree with above about pricing if that's purely for internet access, but if by 'unlimited access' you mean that includes telephone too (and line rental?) then it's reasonable. You need to check what the new provider is offering carefully - at the mo there are many quoting what appear good prices but when you look closer there's a little asterisk and a footnote saying 'plus line rental@ ****' or maybe the phone is only inclusive at weekends or something. Many also offer 'introductory' rates, but it's only clear in the small print that the price goes up after the first three months or whatever... :angry:
Broadband speed is an iffy promise - as the 'max speeds' offered are totally dependent on the exchange you go through and the cabling from your home to the exchange. Chances are if you currently only get 2.7Mb on an 8Mb (or faster)tariff then that's the max you'll get with a new provider too - unless it's someone who's offering fibre optic, newly laid cables, like Virgin. Their prices, BTW, do not include line rental ;), so add eleven pounds per month (I think) if they're the new one you're considering.

Hope that's helpful



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#4 BuntyB


    Ben Nevis

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Posted 17 September 2010 - 10:37 AM

No, that's just for my internet.

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