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All I can say is that I'm sorry....

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Posted 10 October 2016 - 01:22 PM

I have been giving this a lot of thought regarding whether or not if I should come forward and say this, and now I beleve that I should come forward and say that I am very sorry if I offended anyone with regard to some of the 'content' in some of my past posts.


I will not make excuses for myself as I choseto use the words and refernces that I used.


Purely from my own memory I can recall a post I made regarding an activity of an indervidel which I was worried would bring him some issues in the future.


At the time I felt that it would offend nobody, as I was under the impression that as we are (mostly) all adults here it wouldn't be an issue.


However it seemed that it was, and so after giving some thought on the matter I considered the kinds of things that I myself take offence to in adult media (regardless of the fact that I myself am an adult, heck some of the things which go on in children's media nowdays offends me even more, chiefly due to the fact that it is aimed at minors) sure what I said wasn't the some kinds of things, but anyhow I lerned my lession and told myself that I would not use those kind of refernces here again.


The other time which I found myself 'censered' I also regret, and I am very sorry if it offended anyone with regards to the strong words I used.


Just for the record I do not go round the internet posting stuff just to offend people, yes I will from time to time use strong words both onthe Net and IRL, this is chiefly due to the fact that for most of my adult life I have mixed with people who are from workng class areas and who are unemployed.


I do not say this to put people down, but it is a well documented fact that most of those who are from poorer parts of the UK are a bit more in your face, thus after leaving my middle class home, I thorght myself to adapt, which has since become somethig of a habit.


Many people have told me that when they first meet me that I am quite soft spoken and polite with a few more in your face terms tossed in in order to stop myself looking like I'm 'Tim nice but Dim' from Harry Enfield, although I am far from dim.


Lastly I would like to say that I'm sorry about all the typos in some of my posts, as my Google Crome that I have on my laptop lacks a spell checker and Grammer checker so I would like to find out if I can get one for free of the web.


Think you for reading.

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Posted 10 October 2016 - 08:00 PM

Part of autism can be to cause offense without realizing. i have been on 'both sides of the fence' regarding this matter. You had good intentions but for some reason your wording was taken the wrong way by people. It is a very sensitive subject. There are courses where you could learn more about autism and how it affects people, some are run online.

i am half Liverpudlian, gran is from Everton so i supported the other team ;-), that's my point the Liverpool way is often to make jokes about things that wouldn't happen down south where i now reside.

i managed to reject some of my upbringing to an extent and try to pick up and keep the habits of my grandmother before she died. i am also from a working class background but have managed to go to university and nearly have my masters degree. im in my late 30s.

It took guts to apologise and it is a skill to keep. I hope you continue to use the forum. If you wanted to start a thread on general discussion of "is this a scam?" feel free.

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