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Money-saving tips for carers

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My son has been awarded the high rate caring and low rate mobility, so I have been advised to apply for carers......does anyone know if it is affected by your partners wages too or is it just the carers wages? Only I sent the form in and they have sent another one back asing for more information, mainly regarding my husbands wages?



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Not really sure but I don't think carers allowance is income based. However tax credits are increased with DLA and so this may be affected by the income from carers allowance as well as your husbands income.


I don't claim carers allowance as I feel it will be just taken away from tax credits. If your husbands income means you do not generally get many tax credits then no problem. If they are asking for clarification of his income it could be to do with that?

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If your child gets DLA you can claim carers allowance. You must earn below a certain amount [google it to find out] if you are working.


As he gets DLA you can also claim the 'disabled child' element of working Tax and Child Tax Credit.


We get DLA and I get CA and we also get WFTC and CTC too. Although tax credits are means tested, for every £1 you earn over the threshold you lose around 55p in tax credits. So wages have to be quite high for you to completely lose all tax credits.


We used to get middle rate care and low rate mobility, but sent in information about a year ago and had both care and mobility reassessed as high. And that allowed us to get a car through the motability scheme, which has been a huge help for our son.


So you might want to have it re-assessed if the situation changes, or in a few years. In our case my son has always had a number of co-morbid diagnosis ontop of the ASD. But when he was diagnosed with an Anxiety Disorder and OCD, that meant that he was no longer mobile. Although he can walk he often cannot even get out the house. He has a constant fear of germs and contamination and needs a door to door service [via the car] to agree to go anywhere.


Maybe your area is part of this new universal tax credits where all the previous benefits are being emerged into one???


Phone your local authority and ask them if they have a Benefits Advice service that is independent and which can go through all the various benefits and give you a check up on what you can claim for.

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Ok thanks everyone for taking the time to reply, I was getting worried because he earns more than the £100 per week it stipulates you need to earn less than to be able to claim it (I earn less than that), so was wondering why they needed more info about him!

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