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Vaccinations - Homoeopathic alternatives

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If anyone is interested in looking at alternatives to the vaccinations then I have just contacted a company in Edinburgh who have been very helpful. They provide alternatives in homoeopathic form to the usual vaccinations and I thought it would be a good idea to let everyone know in case anyone is interested particularly re the mmr etc.

Not sure if I can publisise the website on this forum but here it goes:


If you e mail them telling them what you are looking for then they will contact you back. I am waiting on details now to be sent to me in France so it may take a bit of time for me but for some of you it may even be easier to telephone them.I am going to order some for my daughter Molly so will keep you all posted over coming time as to how it goes etc.

They even have alternatives suggested for Samuel such as secretin but as yet I dont know much about this ... just waiting on the info they send

Hope this info may help anyone who has concerns like me!

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Hi all,


I was hoping someone might be able to give me some info on the homeopathic MMR. I am considering approaching my GP regarding this as an alternative for my ASD DS Owen who's pre-school booster is due next month.


Also, If anyone has any advice on how to go about finding a practitioner I'd be grateful.

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There are very few homeopathic GPs, I don't know where you would find out about them. The trouble with GPs is that, as with acupuncture, they practice largely symptomatic homeopathy rather than constitutional but some are very good and committed practicioners if you can find them.


illnesses such as measles and chicken pox can be treated homeopathically using a 'nosode' or derivative of the actual disease and I think this is what the MMR is.

It's sort of like a vacination in that it introduces the disease into the body in order to promote an immune response such that the body develops defences against the disease. This will be in a much tinier (undetectable virtually) dose than the actual vacination and will not contain any of the other nasty chemicals that go along with the NHS version and so is very unlikely to have a negative impact but I don't know of any studies that support it as being an effective alternative as yet.


I would go to a well qualified and experienced independent Homeopath rather than a GP if I were to use this - sorry, I don't know what qualifications to look for but I beleive there is a society or association of homeopaths



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