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  1. I have been told they are related to his AS but I am trying to find out what causes them and what he can do to help calm them down - if I remeber reightly it was something to do with dopemine and/or serotonin levels and vitamin D might help but just wanted to check first.
  2. My son is now 23 year and for years had had hand tremors of varying degrees and has taken them as part of his every day life, but they were really bad yesterday to the point where he became worried. Are tremors part of AS and what cuases them? Is there anything he can take or do to help alleviate them?
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    AS Teenager

    Many thanks for your input. I have spoken to the job centre people and made an appointment for him to go and see them and they talked about the DEA, so thats something I suppose. He is very good with his hands and he likes to be creative, though he does not like to be stood over and watched. He tried a spell as a kitchen assistant but could not get to grips with the speed necessary to operate in this environment as he is very particular and things have to be done in a certain way and in his own time. because of his interaction with people and his 'to the point' attitude, people tend to get the wrong isea of him, you know what I mean when I say this, so its difficult to say what area would best suit him, but something like building I suppose, and he is not sure himself. He may be interested in the voluntary path like you suggest. thanks again and I'll keep you posted.
  4. Hi there My son was dx very late (nothing new there I suppose), he has just turned 18 and has been dx for about 2 years now. He has tried to hold down a part time job but they treated him awfully and has had to elave due to bullying and victimisation. I am trying to find out if he is or would be entitled to any benefits as I don't know the first thing about them. I do not claim DLA for him and he is now able to sign on but I am worried how he will cope with having to apply for jobs etc to qualify for JSA.. is there any specialist help I can get for him, or anything that can support him to try and work? he has had his confidence knocked very badly with this experience and he does not feel he can trust any employer and he does not feel he can do a job properly, you know the kind of things I mean. Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance.
  5. Yes, too right, he is looking for another job but there is no way they should be treating their employers in this manner, its just not acceptable. I will contact the DEA tomorrow, and am awating a call back from ACAS and we'll go from there. Thanks everyone, your support is appreciated.
  6. Thank you both for your replies. With regard to his job, his employers are diabolical, I have been in to see them on a number of occassions to try and fill them in on the subject and assist them, as his training needs are different, but they still do not support him, it seems they merely see him as 'a pain'. They make no allowances for his communications problems or the fact that he takes things so literally, and the fact that he is so methodical. They make fun of him being slow all the time and take the proverbial becuase of his condition. I have actually raised a formal complaint about this and am due to meet them next week, but its just stressing him out all the time which makes him moody and down. They also cannot et to grips with the fact he is so honest and tells it how it is, he has been physically assualted, verbally abused, bullied and threatened and they are tyring to tell me its all his fault. I am just swamped with it at the moment and don't know what do for the best. he is not going in at the moment as I won't let him be treated this way, and since he has not been in he has been a different person! I am wondering if I should get CAB involved for more and better advice on the matter? I am aware of the DDA and am looking into various routes of things, but now I feel he is being victimised by one of his so called managers who has said he 'has washed his hands of him and he doesn';t like him'.. some Manager.. what do you think?
  7. Hi Folks I am new to the forum but not new to ASD. I have been through hell and high water to get a dx for my now 17 year old son, but even with the dx, things are no different. I don't suppose I knew what to expect but things are not getting any easier. I had hell with him at school, and I knew insticnltively something was not right from a very early age, but you know how schools are and how things drag on, but cutting a very long story short, after so many problems with secondary school, I just said enough was enough and pulled him from school, demanding something was done. He was being bullied left right and centre, was adamant he was a freak and everyone kept telling him he was weird, you know the sort of thing I mean. He found communicating and making friends nigh on impossible and his school work was terrible. He came home on day telling me he could not take anymore and he was in such a state, it made me feel awful, I can't explain it to you. They wanted to expel him becuase of his behaviour and I was furious, becuase his so called behaviour was because of the incessant bullying and lack of support from the teachers. He was telling them that he could not understand things and they were telling him that he was stupid!!!!! Can you believe it? They wanted him to study german, but he was adamant he wanted extra learning support, which they refused to give him.. I was so exasperated, this is why I pulled him from school, then I was hauled in by the local council because he was not attending.. its just stupid now I think back. Anyway, he was tested for dyslexia which he did not have though he had dyslxic tendencies and that was that. Anywa, I would not leave it at that and pushed for a consultation, and low and nehold, Aspergers was dx. That was bout 18 mnths ago and now he is part time employed.. and so begins another episode. I am so frustrated for him and annoyed at his so called employers, who are now making his life a misery because they do not or don't want to understand his condition, and they are doing their utmost to push him out. The poor lad has already been through so much, is this what he has to look forward to for the rest of his life? Sorry I have gone on a bit but I am just so... deflated and tired and angry and annoyed all at the same time. I am disabled myself with a chronic condition and know what its like to be penalised for having a disbility, but its so hard for ASD sufferers and I find the caring side difficult too becuase of so many reasons. How do I put his condition over to his employers in simple terms so that understand his behaviour and manner? thanks for reading
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