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    Hi All

    Hi and welcome Emma
  2. Hello and Welcome Emma
  3. Emma_74


    Hi and Welcome Emma
  4. really sorry for you Sally <'> <'> <'> <'> <'> hope things turn around for you soon Emma
  5. i totally agree with Bid have to make a really conscious effort to ask reciprocal questions with my colleagues, e.g. they ask how my family are doing, and then I have to remember to ask the same back. It is getting easier to remember, but I don't think it will ever come naturally without a lot of conscious thought. This is partly why I tend to stay silent in groups, especially if I don't know the other people. Emma
  6. hi Rachey and welcome Emma
  7. its so much easier if someone comes to me i wouldn't know where to start! Emma
  8. I haven't even bothered to put in for carers allowence as i work and wont be intitled anyway! Emma.
  9. hi, yep ive also taken it and got a high score Emma
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