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  1. I have found some Jelly Dinasours from our local Co-op. I think they are made by The Natural Sweet Company. My child has had them and they are very nice and not sent her crazy. They do normal fruit flavours and also sour flavour ones.
  2. Hi I notice that a number of you have mentioned your child has been tested for Sodium Benzoate and other additive intolerances. I suspect this could be a factor in my childs behaviour but have spoken to the doctor and she says the hospital cannot test for this as it is not an allergy (?) Can you tell me how you went about the process of having these tests carried out and which hospital did the tests please as I feel I am banging my head against a brick wall. Also has anyone noticed Calpol causing hyper activity and behaviour problems. If so have you come up with an alternative or a paracetomol that is safe to give? Sandra
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