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  1. Delighted to tell u all that my son loved the school and he has already warmed to some teachers! I think this is definatly the right move. Thanks for all ur support xx
  2. It was my sons Educational Psychologist who suggested it. I guess it came as a bit of a shock because I always thought his current school would support him. 20 mins to go and am taking him!!!!!! I've been to this school before,and seems much better, but want my sons approval. I know he's only 3, but I will know straight away if he's happy!
  3. You are right - thanks for the reply. I suppose it's a good thing i'm doing it early so i can make sure his sister goes to the same school he is lacking academically, but i hope this new school will make him happier. Thanks again,. x
  4. Hi everyone! Sorry to bother you all. My son is 3 and in mainstream nursery. The current school have "suggested" J attends another school in the district. It's not a special school or independent school - they claim it's a school with more experience in complex communication and of course, money.I've already been to see this school with a friend and we both think it's ok and that the people seem "clued up" especially when i was saying words like PAP, IEP etc, when his current school struggle to say the word "Autism" Anyway I'm taking J to see the school tomorrow and very anxious and fingers crossed he likes it. Anyone else get this feeling when they are moving their child from school? An obvious question i know, but i guess i just wanted to share it x
  5. jimssmom


    Thank you for all your replies. I will look at that website Jsmum. thanks for that. It's such a shock when someone tells you that tho, it's like they are talking about someone else. Thanks everyone x
  6. jimssmom


    Thanks for that. It's just so suprising when they told me this, as he is so passive. I will do as you so kindly suggested. Thanks for the reply! Lets hope for a bite free zone x
  7. Mandapanda, I'm only just getting reports of my son hitting and biting at school - and you're right it is a sign of unhappiness and frustration. Is there anything us parents can do about it? I have been thinking about approaching my son's LSP and asking to be at school when he does it (he usually starts his temper tantrums when they try and take his coat off when he comes in from playing outside). Has anyone ever asked to do this? Is it allowed?
  8. [i totally agree with this, and my sons current school are doing a bang up job of getting rid of him, and have suggested another school in the district. This Potential school the current school have mentioned are far better equipt and more experience. My sons LSP is a chocolate kettle
  9. jimssmom


    Hi everyone Went to pick up my son whos 3 from nursery today. His TA told me he tried to bite a fellow pupil today and has tried to bite her in the past. This is SOO unlike my son as he is a very passive boy, gets himself frustrated when you try and get him to do something he doesn't want to do, but other than that he's never been aggressive. Has anyone else come across this? He's been at nursery since September and this is the first i've heard of it! Any suggestions what i can do?
  10. Programme on TV mainly about Selective Mutism, called "My Child Doesn't Speak" Thought you may like to know. Jimssmom
  11. i totally agree - especially the part where he charged £5 for children's blood at his sons birthday party!!! He should be jailed!!
  12. Thanks to all that have replied to this post. I will look at the NAS seminars as they sound like a great idea. My son tends to do this screaming when he thinks we're making him do something he doesn't want to do - but as you rightly pointed out NT's will do this too. I guess it gets frustrating at he doesn't understand what we are saying, which those visual cards will come in handy. Great ideas, thanks x
  13. Hi sally44 The school have said that my son doesn't need a statement to attend, but I will definatly ask more about the CCA's. Perhaps it's another name for the Autism Outreach Teachers? Thanks for the reply, You've given me more to think about x
  14. I'm having fun with my DS's school as well. They seem to concentrate on the negative rather than seeing positives. Follow your instincts. Besides, you know your child better than anyone
  15. My son is 3. He has verbal skills but only a little. He usually does it when he's angry/frustrated. as u say perhaps he doesn't know how to express himself in any other way. It's comforting to know others are experiencing it too. How do u usually handle it?
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