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  1. Hiya quick update , I rung a lady who works for a voluntary centre here, we got chatting while i was on a tac course and she tol me to ring her, so bit the bullet and she has requseted we get a key worker who can organise a CAF , I got told to ring ss in meantime and ask for help i it gets to much , im just at the stage were feel so fed up and cant be botherd as got so much going on and could burst into tears or walk out but im not going to been there done that and i have to hold on till 2nd Aug when we will get told if a key worker has been allocated , I dont want to ring ss incase puts key worker in jepordy so bit of vicious circle Im just praying and crossing my fingers this happens or dont know what will happen , its tearing the family apart as everybody is so stressed, has health problems and im left to do it on my own which is fair enough they are my children but its so hard at times thanks x just read above post sorry heads all over we are waiting SALT (speech and language for 3 of the boys) one got referred last March, another in Nov and one more recently they dont get support in school from outside help as school have said they can cope and have support they need and they are all doing really well in school cause its strict routine, its when get home it goes up the wall as they all want my attention , meds have worn off, and the routine goes out the window as I cant have one due to everybodies needs varying thanks again x
  2. Hiya thanks methods we take when he runs off , first thing I do is ring my mum and dad as they live 3 streets away so are near and can be here quickest. - feel bad burdoning them but have no choice all I want is him back quickest and safe. How do I know he talked to strangers as the night in question was 9pm. His dad was working on lates in a busy train station when 2 people brought our son to him and said he was crying outside a train station othrrside of town asking ppl to take him to his dad, He boarded the train as had no money got into town and was lost, we only have to walk to corner shops and he latches on to people we don't know. Family health my oh has chest pains wad at hospital yesterday for ecg waiting results on My dad suffers with his heart and has had 5 bypass operations, 2 strokes and has angina My mum has high blood pressure, high cholestral and sees a councilours for stress and anxiety That's only family we have oh's mum doesn't bother never has as can't cope with the boys needs. I recently found a charity Maps who said in sept will look into a caf, I am awaiting outcome from letters our MP wrote as I asked her to help regarding social services. We complained as they put me on a course which was not suitable for asd kids and when ee raised it they sent us a letter ceasing all contact with the family hence asking MP for help In school they won't statment him as he is very bright for his age in yr7 doing yr9 work , school have him when his meds are working but they peak he becomes a different child As he is underweight they can't increase his dose, he now on concerta 56mg , strattera sent him suicidel as tried other meds. I just feel hitting a brick wall with everything we got told to apply for his school and should get transport last sept and we never got that so I have to do school runs which is 2 bus rides away , I take youngest to nursery 1pm get bus collect him and be back for 3pm to get others Sorry for going on I'll give the autistic helpline a ring as never even knew there was one Thanks again x
  3. I cant lock the doo ras back door is locked and kitchen door has to be locked as eldest would turn the oven on and rob food , for fire saftey need one door assesable I have nver heard of an earlybird course, i have done webster stratten, parent power plus (ss put me on but wasnt suitable) , adhd foundations course, and some others but to do with eduaction and statments where can I find out about the early bird? thanks Helen x
  4. Hiya we are in Liverpool, paed said will contact asd pathway tea so fingers crossed but we never got anything off them when had our other sons as they went via the school thanks x
  5. hiya can anybody help me my ds with asd and adhd keeps running away everytime I tell him off or no, either that or he screams high pitch and I have neighbours knocking/banging Only now he run off my dads got him as I really cant cope for much longer , had a birthday invite at 3pm and as he was being naughty I told him had to be good or couldnt go with that he run off slamming the vestivule door which then jammed the handle and i was locked in , meanwhile he just went over 2 main rds and lots of little ones , I managed to un screw the door and my dad picked him up in the car but this is becoming a regular thing, he run off and got a train few weeks back ased 2 strangers who never met to then take him half way accross town to his dads work. problem is my oh works and I have the 5 of them so cant leave the others to run after him My mum suffers high blood pressure, high collestrol and is under a councilour for stress, my dads had 5 bypass operations and has a heart condition, they were meant to be going away next week and said wont go which is not fair on them and i know i cant rely on them all the time and feel bad doing so My oh has been suffering chest pains and told me will walk out if he gets ill as had to go for an ecg yesterday and i dont know what to do or were to turn sorry
  6. Hiya we keep being told nobody can help us, ss have ceased all contact as said cant help but we are struggling
  7. Hiya we got a diagnosis yesterday for our 3rd son who is 5 and half of aspergers and adhd, we already have a 13yr old with aspergers, adhd, dispraxia and global delay, 12yr oldwith asd and severe adhd self harms and has no stranger danger, and now our 3rd son has been told aspergers and adhd test scores were 18 out of 20 We have 5 sons in total and although our 8yr old has many traits he is not severe enough to diagnose as can concentrate in school and is very bright, also our 3yr old has minor brain damage and cerabal palsy so they dont know if he will have asd or adhd yet we will have to wait and see. We are being referred to asd pathway and we have got some medication to see if that will try and calm him down a bit 5mg mepheniate (sp) , other boys are on concerta 56mg just wondering if anybody else has such a large family with various needs and what support they have as we dont get any, social worker said cant help us and ceased all contact , we get help once in a while during the holidays with play schemes but nothing for us as a family when it gets hard no body to talk to ect thanks
  8. Hiya thanks again everybody, sorry not been done has schooling issues with eldest, quick to the point we are going through the process to change schools for him as current one is not meeting his needs. I also have a youth group on friday with all the boys run by DAISY? the charity who do family sessions for allboys to attend , we have just finished the FAST project with my sons school ds2 and loved it and the teachers were great, I saw the diffecrence too , school is between 8.30am and 2pm when my sons meds have kicked in and he is calm, last night we met at 6pm and for the 1st time the school saw what we deal with on a daily basis, ds2 was high as a kite , the youngest was walking and fell twice and was a hard night juggling the boys as we do. the school even admitted they had never seen ds2 like this. they are already in support for our transport but even more so now . Ds2 goes past it his eyes seem to glaze over and he seems vacant but is wild with it , theres no telling him off, you just have to hold him and quieten him down which can take time , school now have seen this which i think will help us. I have taken note of evberything everybody has said and really apprecaite it. thanks again
  9. Hiya Sally thanks sorry not been on , had murder with his school as got a phone call other day to say he had no dinner as his packed lunch had been stolen, this is not 1st time happened but school told me it happens least a few times each week, when i asked what they could do got reply nothing and were doing nothing as its the type of school it is and these things happen, my son wouldnt eat a hot dinner so for a few days had nothing to eat in school. I have now rung education in respect to getting him moved out asap, he is statmented due for anual renewal end of the month so il keep you posted, but we have a drs letter supporting us as he is underweight as it is due to meds, he is more anxious and scared , had the school bus window smashed on way to school as the asd school merged with behaviour difficulties and since the merge its gone down hill. his lying has only been since the school merge as has his behaviour issues and attitude and now after this latest thing , he has already been getting bullied and again school tell us type of school to be expected, well as a mum thats not good enough for me maybe im being over protective but both me and my hubby have decided time to move. Thanks again and il keep you informed Helen x
  10. Thanks my eldest has a statment , my ds2 is the one who won't give one too, he goes learning support unit in school he is in My 5yr old is under sen in school and coping, the 3yr old is whole new ball game as cp got a risk assessment on weds in view to starting nursey Eldest is in special school others mainstream. We don't get any help at present due to social worker issues, we took action got her suspended she came back and told us still our social worker and they wouldn't change due to short staff, she put the boys in danger So we can't trust her, she sent me on a course not suitable for the boys needs and ds2 tryed to suffercate Ds1 Now and again we used to get few days in holidays but now they can't cope nobody got back in touch We are a very complicated family but we never knew this would happen, had genetics after the loss of our only daughter 10 yrs ago and got told all clear Now last month been told it is genetic and all 5 boys will have some form asd/adhd Luckily ds 3 is mild and little one sadly his cp masks it quite a bit but only age will tell We have never asked for help as always coped so don't really know what's out there, social workers are a no go though as we can't trust her Cahms have said can't help , paed we only see twice a year Eldest doesn't have speech therapy or anything anymore , pyshio goes the nursery ect Awaiting speech for 2 on waiting list been a year now Thanks
  11. Hiya thanks for replying I'm not sure what a core assesment is if honest I have 1 statmented , 1 I have been told is to bright doesn't qualify, he is top in school work but talks to anybody, wanders off no danger sence, No stranger danger , and 1 who is only just been assessed. Son no 2 who doesn't get transport we keep being told should go to our nearest school, I wouldn't put the dog in there That rough , he self harms and to take him out were settled to put him in there would kill him, I have explained this but nobody intrested I have heard of contact a family but never spoken to them, so I'll give that a go, Thanks again x
  12. Hiya thanks I used pepsi as an example he takes anything , but not just 1 or 2 he takes whole packets of stuff. I have asked him why and the school things he has taken , but he can't tell me just says don't know. He has obsessions with dice and batteries no remotes or toys have them in anymore, again I have asked him. I keep calm and talk to him but it doesn't seem to get through I'll take his ds off him and he just says well not taking it for a year? I'll say its been taken away for 1 day he will just add days Its so hard to disapline him and get through he is in his own fantasy world.
  13. Hiya I am new and have just posted about the same thing my son constantly lies, he is 13 yrs old now and for past few months things have gone a lot worse. he came home today and told me that he has a parents evening tomorrow and it was now to late to book a time, and he hid the letter, I asked him if this was right and he laughed at me telling me yes, I then rung the school up as I know he has hidden letters before to be told they do not have a parents evening and they would ring me whan they have , when i asked him about it he just laughed and ran off, he then was hiding something so I checked his pocket and found my mum and dads window lock keys which he has picked up, again when asked he never took them , asked my mum and dad and they are in the kitchen drawer so he must have taken them, again asked him and i just get dunno cant remember. everyday he constanlty lies to the point we dont know what to beleive anymore , he pinches things, lies and has such an attitude, he hurts the other boys and ignores everything we tell him, he wont even get washed or changed, tells us got clean pants on we ask were dirty ones are then gets moody and tells us not changed them , then its a battle to get him to change them same for washing, brushing teeth sorry its a bit long just first time ever heard somebody say there child does the same thanks x
  14. Hiya how does everybody cope with things being so tough, we have 3 with aspergers/adhd out of our 5 boys, they went to a youth group and got barred last week as set all the fire alarms off , on the way back we had to beg to be allowed on the train as they said we couldnt control them, we cant take them anywhere, cahms have given up, the social worker got suspended so we dont have one anymore as she sent us on a course not suitable for the kids needs and put them in danger, we took action but now have no support. they are on concerta 36 mg and an 18 mg but after 5/6pm it doesnt touch the sides, meletonin doesnt seem to have any effect, cahms offered us resperidone gave us the script but have since told us not to give it as they never approved it with the paed and he needs a blood test first. everythings a joke just when we think getting somewhere it backfires again. its so draining we got refused transport for schooling since sept so we have 4 out of the 5 school runs to do each day, 3 goto a school only 10 mins away, we dont drive so walk it but 2nd son goes to one 40 mins away so we spend all days doing school runs and cleaning up. sorry to moan just wondered how others cope with it all thanks x
  15. Hiya I am a mum of 5 boys 3 have aspergers and adhd , my 13yr old is very childish for his age has asd, adhd, dispraxia and global delay , he has this obsession with lying and robbing things, its only petty trhings at the moment but im worried will escalate as he doesnt take it in that what he is doing is wrong he picks things up and hides them, we have found rubbers from school, pens, football cards , he constantly robs food he is not allowed pepsi , he is always on the go and high as a kite so we dont allow him certain foods/drinks . today hes come home from his nans and has her keys for her window locks, any help on how to deal with this apprecaited, he knows what he does at times as will do it and laugh in front of me taunting me. like ive said we have 5 other boys 3 whom also have asd and adhd and my youngest has mild cerabal palsy so its not easy , he and them all play off one another and when all get high are very hard to control. thanks x
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