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  1. Hi my name is Dan and I have Asperger's. I have recently been left by my 2nd wife and i am struggling to come to terms with my situation. I have spent most of my life in denial of my AS because i was embarressed and i was bullied and made to feel different for it. As i said before i have just seperated from the person i was hoping to spend the rest of my life with. I can't stop thinking about her and wanting to contact her but she has made it quite clear she never wants to speak or see me again and that i will receive divorce papers in due cause. I have seen on facebook that she has gone back to her maiden name and looks really good happy and is enjoying herself. I feel heartbroken. The relationship was passionate but also abusive. She pushed all my buttons both good and bad. I just feel so empty now. I have no Job ( i have never worked scares me) i have no house and i feel like a complete failure. I have spent most of last 3 weeks since we split thinking about her and what she's doing and struggling to accept that she is in a happier place now that she has left me. Has anyone else been in a relationship that ended abruptly and they were left feeling all alone... I just want a friend to talk to and some advice on how to fill the void in my life. Thanks In anticipation
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