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  1. Thanks so much for both replys! Lisakaz75 i bet u r so pleased with your son, and it gives me good hope!!! My son is by all means not stupid at all and can learn so i dont see why he cant learn in a mainstream but i no how hard it is in primary schools, i do think they expect too much!! And his youger bro helps him alot :)
  2. Hi all i havent been on here for a long time. My son H has been under assesment simce the age of 18 months for lack of speech, first assesments they did nt think my son was autistic, then a yr later b4 his 3 birthday with only getting up to 6 words they decided to diagnose him with autism! Which wasnt abig shock to me! Im going to describe my son, he is very good at comuniticating nonverbally, and he uses alot of everyday signs with the few words he has, he is good at learning although preschool say he is delayed in areas apart from maths!! He is not agressive he is a very loving child, he does have funny ways, i.e he gets extra fustrated if he cannot do something, he doesnt like to spill his cereal pop ect!! And he has bow started to moan and cry alot which im guessing is from lack of speech! The assesment team have told me that there is a good school for him which is mainstream with a unit on the side! He does not start till sept 2014 so theres more time! I also have another aon who is 2 and has good speech and he fine no signs of autism! They tell me my son H should speak eventually as he has words now! Can anybody offer any advice or are they going thru the same thing! Has there child eventually spoke in the end? Thanks for reading Suzanne
  3. hi thanks so much for you msg, yes they have said he communicates very well non verbally, and has a good understanding, and i notice everyday he is understanding alittle something else. we havent had the full report yet, i had alittle chat with the assers, and i got the gist of what they were saying but we do have a big meeting just to confirm there thoughts, just waiting for that too. yea the speech therapist told us to use simple signing with him just afew words so we do that.. im just so desperate for him to talk, because the older he gets i just worry now.. i so hope he is like your kids and it kind of happens over night. sometimes i talk that much to him im so tired at the end of the day. He started preschool jan, two days a week and they are happy with his progress he babbles more and is more interative with the children. did you watch the show the other night about autistic kids, im so worried after watching this show that my son will perhaps get worse with things or not talk at all, or are they really servere? do your two autistic children have a bright future do you think? again after watching that programe im thinking if harley is on the spectrum how bad is he, will he be able to do normal things work ect.
  4. Hi all Iv had all assesments done on my son harley, and the outcome at the moment is they do not think he is on the spectrum, he has brill eye contact, is social with others, his skills are quite good for his age, but im just confused now after watching that programe the other night about autistic kids in america, they either didnt spk till late in life or couldnt speak well at all, and all my fears are coming back now. harley babbles abit but still no words and he is 2.4yr, what else could this be apart from autism... or maybe there diagnoses is wrong.. really wish i did not watch the programe, he is being assessd every 6 months now and has speech therapy which i have to admit is useless.. I asked his speech therapist, he will talk eventually wont he even if on the spectrum and she said yes, but that programe just proved to me that he may not.. his only other little quirks i would say is that he hand flaps but that has almost dissapered but he jumps now sometimes.. he isnt sensitive with noice, doesnt mind different evnvironments, ect... im confused...
  5. hi sally, he is still under assesment at the moment, in answer to your questions, at 22 months he started pointing first just to things of interest, now thats moved to things he want aswell, he shows us his toys alot.. he does play with toys a typical way at the moment.. he likes brusing teeth, loves bath, showers doesnt mind vaccum cleaner, the only thing he doesnt like is my hairdryer, but its mainly when he sees it, not when its on. iv asked at nursery what he is like, his great at sitting down , he plays with different things and along side, they said he wont play with or make friends yet, that comes about 3 yrs old.. so it basically just is lack of speech, he hand flaps when excited, and yes he does appear deaf sometimes, my newphew had gromits 2 years ago , hearing was terrible, so we are wondering whether harley needs them, he suffers with ear infections, we should be having his hearing down when we have his third assessment, when they get afew other children, with some toys in a room ect... hi blm thanks for your reply thats interesting to no about your son, and he still isnt brill at speech, i think my main concern is that harley will never speak , reading too much on the internet.. im wondering if my son has selective hearing im not sure
  6. hi all my son harley is now 25 months, since hv came out at 19 months with concerns, alot has improved apart from speech, had pead app, and yesturday had home visit.. this was the outcome at the end, the women said, great eye contact, good imaginary play, he also copied some things they did. negative points he did hand flap afew times, also he does tend to make noices when doing things, which she said doesnt think is attemps at talking , this is common in children with hearing problems (yet to have hearing checked) and also could be self stimularity when playing which is a trait.. so she does want to carry on with assessments. she said 2 yrs old is such a young age, so at the end of assesments if not sure then will see harley every 6 months.. so yesturday was alittle positive for me.. I am just concerned about speech because routine, following some instructions, places we go he is all fine with, he just does not babble or attempt words which makes me think he has a hearing problem or a speech and language problem. what are you thoughts? especially on a child that doesnt really babble alot? does a child have to babble first b4 words, or can words come when ready.. thanks for reading.. xx
  7. thanks for your information sally just look up PDD NOS, interesting, that would be the better one to have althou i obviously would prefer nothing, im just very worried at the moment my little boy wont ever speak and i will never be able to comunicate with him, which iv been longing for ever since he was born. "sighs" i no its not my fault but you cant help blame yourself
  8. yea i do feel relief because we have been waiting a while now to get things moving, but the thing is since we have been waiting he has come on so much, everywhere apart from his speech, is it posible to have a language and speech disorder but not be on the spectrum?
  9. my son had his first assesment today, he was good during the assesment, played with the toys, smiling at the doctor, he did come over to us and showed us the toys he was playing with. We told her our concerns which are the lack of talking and hand flapping, after talking to us and looking at harley ect, she said she feels she wants more investigation, she feels it might be something more then just delayed speech and language, so we now have to wait for next appointments now. so im not unhappy with her response because i no there is an issue somewhere with his speech definately, now she just wants to see how he interacts with other ppl/children, because im gathering if those areas are ok then they will look more at his speech. what are you thoughts? do they generally want more investigation from the first appointment??
  10. thanks for you reply, im was hoping someone would agree and say it was good progress, im just abit worried when we have our appointment they were going to turn around and say it doesnt really count, i thought this because he does it differently its not always a good sign is it..
  11. hi all most probably have read my other posts, my son seems to be making good progress in all areas apart from his speech, he is 2 nxt month and we are seeing pead on thursday for the first time, so very nervous, just wanted to ask my son has started to point now which is brill, he points to things of interest, when things are close to him he points with the finger he is ment to, but most of the time he points with his hole hand and sometimes flaps it in an out, he does this if we are round the shop and he is interested in something, he does it with photos on our wall of him his brother and us, things like that, does this sound like good progress, or does it not count because its not always with his finger. He isnt flapping as much either which is good too
  12. Harleys 1st assesment is coming up at the end of the month feeling slightly nervous! he has started to babble quite alot the past few days which is good, he has started to point to, but when he points he sometimes crosses his two fingers, like you would do for good luck? dont no what that means. Also now iv been reasuring behaviers i can see alot of traits in myself for eg... the past three yrs iv found it very hard to keep friends, when invited somewhere where i dont really no anybody i dread what to say or speak about as i feel i have nothing to offer in conversation topic.. i enjoy the sound of the vacum, tumble dryer, washing machine in the background when im at home, i dont no why this is.. when im upset i dont spk to anyone and block everyone out asif there all against me... is this my personality?? or have i posibley something wrong, any ideas anyone suzanne
  13. thanks again for your post, he will be starting pre school january, when we go to soft play centers and play groups, i suppose he will play next to a child but not get so involved other then to take there toy lol. he likes to chase and being chased by children and adults so i guess thats playing with them isnt it, when we were at the speech therapy session he often held up his toys to us so we could name it, so he didnt pretend we werent there. so im unsure really its just a waiting game
  14. hiya thanks for you reply, yes he does play with toys properly and the past 2 months he has started to look round the toy and examine it properly where as he didnt do this b4, he has also just started to point this is in very small amounts though! so im wondering whether he is just slow at reaching his milestones?!?! He is fine around other kids and adults, he can be very clingy, but he has not socialised with many people his whole life as family do not really bother so i wondered whether that was for lack of speech. Im fearful of the dx of him not talking more then autism if im honest, but i feel so what if he flaps his hands what does that really mean, its just the non talking bit im worried about.
  15. Hi all i posted on here a few weeks back about my son, we had our first speech therapy session earlier in the week, as he does not speak at all yet, she just got some history from us with whats been going on and asked about his milestones ect.. she played with harley quite abit and was please he had good eye contact, and was playing with the cars. He has a hearing appointment coming up to see if he has any problems as he isnt talking, he does suffer with lots of colds and stands close to the tv so she is wondering if he can hear. He has an appointment at the end of the month with a child doctor just to see if there are any development delays or in my head maybe autism.. The speech therapist said as soon as harley walked in an flapped his arms she thought autism but at the end of the session said lots of children do it without being autistic.. I just wanted to ask with him not being verbal, flapping hands, could these really just be traits? harley always makes noices while doing things there all different, even pretend crying sometimes and iv just read it can be a form of stimming, is this true? could he have a sensory processing disorder, im driving myself mad here. I always thought kids making noices was normal, plus isnt he just experimenting with his voice as he doesnt talk???
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