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  1. Quixotic


    Very pleased to meet you trekster.
  2. Hope you all have a good one!
  3. Hi Smile, I have also previously had a great deal of trouble with relationships, whether they be romantic relationships or just friendships. I’m not terribly new to this forum and so perhaps I shouldn’t really start talking about my personal life straight away, but I can tell you that I didn’t have a romantic relationship until I reached my late twenties; so I can understand why you might feel like giving up Smile. But I wouldn’t give up. I’m sure there are people out there who would understand your problem with intimacy and would be fine to enter a relationship with you on those terms. But based on what you have said it seems to me what you actually need at the moment is just a few friends, so you don’t feel so lonely. I have been through periods in my life when I’ve felt very lonely. When I was at university I felt like that. Everyone else was going out to bars, clubbing and socialising and having a great old time. Whereas I rented a house on my own, shuffled off to lectures and to the library and never spoke to anyone. I lived like a hermit. So I do know what it is like, how sad and desperate you must feel. I also find making and maintaining friendships very difficult. I have one friend at the moment and that is someone I work with. What I have found however is that a good cyber-friendship can help, if you have trouble meeting and dealing with friends in person. If you can meet someone online you feel you can trust, you can talk through your feelings, exchange a few jokes, talk about shared interests and not have to adjust your routines too much to accommodate for them. It’s just an idea, but it has worked for me in the past.
  4. Quixotic


    Thank you Tally. I think I could certainly benefit from looking at a few self-help techniques and am happy to share any tips and tricks I have picked up myself over the years. At the age of 37 I don’t think I would really benefit from a formal AS diagnosis. I use to experience difficulties in holding down a job but am now doing reasonably well. My dyslexia diagnosis offers me protection and allows me to ask for reasonable adjustments, even if they do turn out to be more AS related adjustments, as long as they seem justifiable, I’m okay. I have managed to deal with some social anxiety and although still not a terribly confident person I am now much better at being around people. The root of my social problems however I believe is due to a difficulty in reading social cues, which I think possibly points to Aspergers or ASD.
  5. Quixotic


    Thank you for your welcome butterfly73. I will certainly look into the book you suggest. I have in the past wondered whether there might not be some kind of overlap between dyslexia and AS. But generally I find that people with AS are characterised or perhaps stereotyped as being bookish and hyperlexic whereas dyslexics are seen as practical and sociable. Because of this, I’ve found it difficult to find a suitable forum on which I can post. I have a diagnosis of dyslexia, but when I try to post on a dyslexia forum I don’t seem able to relate to the people there. They appear to be all very social, extravert and into stuff of which I’m just not interested. But when I come to an AS forum such as this, I can relate to the people but feel a bit of a fraud as I don’t have an AS diagnosis.
  6. Quixotic


    Hi there everyone, I’ve been lurking about on the forum for a little while now, so thought it was about time I introduced myself. I’m not completely sure whether or not I should be here, as I have a diagnosis of Dyslexia not Aspergers. But since being diagnosed with Dyslexia at the age of 35 (I’m now 37), I am not convinced this diagnosis explains my longstanding social difficulties. Instead what I do strongly suspect is that these difficulties are the result of some undiagnosed autistic traits. I am unsure whether these traits would in themselves be enough to get me a ASD diagnosis. But I would like to explore these issues, make contact with others I can relate too and in return offer what help and support I can to others. Anyway, I’m very pleased to meet you all. I hope you feel comfortable with me posting here.
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