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  1. this sounds like me when i was younger, i was alot younger though 8 thru to 13. although i do have the odd out burst, hurting only myself lol. the key to it all is frustration, he has something on his mind troubling him but he cant explain what it is. i diddnt like the structure of school i couldnt get the most out of my learning and it frustred me. i wasnt coping because the teachers where rubbish, and diddnt know what to do with me. now the violent outbursts you mention are out of his control im affraid, the old saying of "theres no excuse" just isnt applicable here. its the only way he can get his point across. my violent rages stemed from a right sided abnormality in my brain (as well as the aspergers). it at first caused severe panic attacks and epileptic fits. then it caused a short temper, the anger is very much like a seizure. i dont know if any of these aplies to your son but this was my situation. he needs to come home to a stress free environment and be left to his own devises. when he,s ready he should approach you and tell you whats wrong, you have to be his rock, as hard as it is he needs you more than ever and he is crying out for help. im probably not doing this justice so what i,ll do is she if my mum can pass on her wisdom. i dont know what she did but if it wasnt for her i would not be where i am today. i can tell you now for a fact that going into a home is absolutley not the awnser. the last thing he needs is more change, more disturbance, and even more distress. what he needs is solid routine, comfort, praise when he,s done good, and extreme patience when hes doing bad. even take him out for the day or a short break, build up a solid relationship, so he can feel he can talk to you whenever theres a problem. the key word for both you and your son is patience. sorry if im miles away from the ball park or none of that made sence to you, but i hope i helped in some way.
  2. you should instead go into survival mode. think calmly and go right this is just another challange to overcome and i will be victorius in this situation. when you think like a primal carnivore running from a sabertooth tiger there is no room for "panic mode" just survival and then slaying the beast and running around with the animals head on a stick. strange i know but the only way to overcome panic is by challanging it head on and not being beaten. fear is a very useful tool that can ascend you to great heights, but it can also be detrimental. its all about how you use it.
  3. and? use your powerful methodical brain to your advantage and destroy this guy. aspergers does not make you vunrable or open to easy attack. thats all you bro, its in your mind. change the way you see things. and aspergers will help you achieve greatness! trust me! and as for your identiy theft thing, im sorry to be blunt but its only money! you,ll bring this guy to justice and get it all back. no one really gets away with it easy these days. so dont worry too much about it, late on this thread so i hope you got it sorted.
  4. eat until they throw up then go back and eat some more. and have beautiful women feeding them grapes.
  5. hi there, im A-S warrior, why am i called that? because ive beaten the so called "disability" that the doctors made me belive, and now use it as a tool to use to my advantage. i "suffer" from aspergers by the way. im 21 and i was diagnosed in 1995 after me and a group of friends tryed to set fire to a tree at school. i was weeded out as the follower of the group, the one that watched from the sidelines and as a result got tarred with the same brush. since that point the teachers anilysed my behavior until they reached the conclusion that im a classic a-s sufferer. i was given a second, third and forth opinion. life was very hard until my late teens when i had the epiphany, and that was aspergers is not a disability, its an ability. for example, i can rember my first trip to butlins, august the 8th 1993. so the first ability is photographic memory, second is a methodical way of thinking and quickly finding solutions i.e keeping a cool head in a crisis situation. 3rd supreme intelligence (witch is common place for asperger sufferers) as you can see the list goes on and on. the disabiliys? well i dont see any to be quite honest. the only "disabilitys" or limitations as an asperger sufferer are the ones you make yourselves in your own mind. i dont mean to sound arogant or blunt but its true. since entering my 20,s and after being involved in intimate realtionships ive learned empathy, the ability to take on board pepoles problems, the ability to love and care and to show my true emotions. (can you tell im proud of my aspergers? lol) im currently writting a book to help put my outlook across (although the book is gathering dust and ive only written the foreword) anyway thats enough inflating my ego for now, just to say im looking forward to chatting to you guys and hopefully helping pepole out on here.
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