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  1. I read somewhere on here about a person who wrote a checklist about what they wanted to discuss with their doctor and crossed that particular thing out and moved on the the next, I thought that was a good idea.
  2. I've heard to the process is quite difficult and without the right support or paperwork you stand no chance of getting it. At the moment I'm trying to get the right help for my son so its easier to put in a claim, he suffers from bipolar ll, ASD and a borderline learning disability but is still on jobseekers allowance because we where given the wrong advice when we initially put in a claim... Are you on ESA and how hard was it to get?
  3. My son has a mild learning disability and ASD so initially we were referred to the community learning disability team as my son was being financially exploited and having all his benefits taken, he's very trusting and vulnerable, so he had a community care assessment but because he don't meet the critical / substantial needs they couldn't do anything for us.
  4. From experience I wouldn't keep badgering them about a diagnoses and go with the flow of things, its takes time for a diagnoses with them closely observing your mannerisms and behaviour they'll only make a diagnoses when they have assessed you fully, this can sometimes take months.
  5. What housing options are there available for people with ASD as my son is dreadfully unhappy at his current house, we managed to get him a sheltered living bungalow but he's the youngest on the street and totally isolated and lonely. Social services says he doesn't meet the criteria for social care services and they can't help. What supported living options are out there and how does one go about implementing them?
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