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  1. Hi everyone,my name is cliff from essex and we have just had my son(warren-jay) of 11 years old diagnosed with ASD,This was a shock to us as we did not even know anything about it,we just thought he has lazy ,quite ,shy ,made his silly noises but when he had appointment,they had diagnosed him within 2 hrs,i am interested in what experiences everyone shares and would like to chat with people in the same boat,i have read a few of the post in these forums and can relate to them now,but being honest i would never of thought it was ASD,But that was me being narrow minded,not knowing what it was,i always associated Autism with things like rainman(the film),i wont pretend i know now as i dont and im still trying to get my head around it,He dont make friends,he likes to be on his own,he likes to go out as a family unit,but will not go out on his own,not even to the park,so i thank you for creating this forum
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