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  1. I agree, she may find you attractive, interesting etc. She may want your "digits" (hoodie speak for phone no. - gosh I'm old) There are some lovely women out there who appreciate someone who is not "average". That's a fact! If you ever see her again, drop a brief smile and see what happens.
  2. Hi Cliff, My Son is 10 and was dxed with HFA when he was 7. He matches your description of Warren-Jay. I may be wrong, but the real "Rainman" who the film character is based upon isn't autistic. I think he suffered brain damage (saw it on Horizon or a similar prog) and is a savant. Some people with autism can be savants, but I doubt it's common. My Son is normal as far as I'm concerned, but incompatible with the average child! I think Adam is adapting (as I think I did) to behave more like the average child, I think it is conscious effort, but he's not desperate. I think he blames the other children at school for being difficult and not adapting to him lol. So self-esteem is OK at the moment I thought of myself as shy growing up, I can't be sure, but I think autistic traits run in my family. A penny dropped when Adam got his dx. I would describe my parents as "socially reticent". My Dad was awesome, but always looked a little uncomfortable in social situations. I might be rambling here...because communication is not my best skill (I wonder why? lol). Adam has had some casual friends, but does not have a best mate, yet... What interests does Warren-Jay have? BTW, I think my Son is awesome!!!
  3. Hi, I've just registered. I'm 44 and married with a Son. My 10 year old has a dx of "mild autism" and has a statement. He has this mainly due to being easily distracted and experiencing some social difficulties at school. I would also say that I have traits, but they did/do not cause significant issues at school or with employment luckily for us! I'm interested in making friends. We live in Brentwood, Essex. So...that's all for now! David!
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