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  1. Thanks for that. It would make sense. He is so fussy about what clothes he will wear, won't let anyone touch his head (haircut time is traumatic at best) and doesn't like certain food textures, noise etc. He got really annoyed with his younger sister when she hurt herself, because she was making too much noise by crying! There was no empathy at that point because he couldn't cope with the crying. The empathy came later once she was quiet again. I will have a look into it and talk to the doctor about it at his next appointment. This is such a minefield! Thanks Panda xxx
  2. Thanks for that. I shall ask about it at the next appointment Panda
  3. Thanks Starlight I hope things go well with your son too. It is very reassuring to know there are others out there with AS who have done very well in life and I'm sure, with the right help, our sons will also do well. Panda x
  4. Thanks. My son loves computers too so perhaps that is an option to show him how it isn't a bad thing, he just thinks differently. I shall have a look at that book too. If it is a boy the same age it might help him to understand and also help us understand how things are for him in his world. Panda x
  5. What a wonderful way of explaining it. I will try that with him. He is clever, well above his age, but he finds it difficult sometimes to get out what is in his head. Thanks for your help
  6. Hi I have always known there was something different about my son and now that he is 8, and has had a couple of toileting incidents at school, people are finally starting to listen to me. I got very upset one day and went to speak to the school's family liaison person who was really helpful and decided a referral to school health was in order. School health felt that he should be referred to our local Child development centre. He had his initial assessment on Tuesday and the doctor is convinced it is Aspergers and I agree, having now read about it. She now just needs a report from school. I was a little worried about this because previously no one has been able to see what I see because he is a model student and very bright. I shouldn't have been worried though because they have had their eye on him since I spoke to them and they are seeing loads of classic signs and already have a learning plan in place for him. I am really pleased with this because I know a lot of people have trouble getting support from their school. He also has some physical development issues, albeit mild. He still tip-toe walks and has some gross-motor co-ordination problems. He does walk funny and although he doesn't get bullied at the moment, I do worry what will happen as he gets older. I am thinking that now is the right time to introduce him to Aspbergers, even though he doesn't have a final diagnosis yet. He is soon going to wonder why we have these appointments and why he is being taken out of lesson for special one-to-one lessons. I'm not sure how to go about this. He is very bright but doesn't get social stuff. He does worry about things so I want to introduce the subject in a way that he won't worry. I have ordered a mystery book called "Blue Bottle Mystery" by Kathy Hoopmann because he loves reading, especially mysteries. I will read it first to make sure it will be suitable for him. I would really appreciate any advice on the best way to let him know about how he thinks differently from others. I would like his best friend to be able to know too so that he can understand why my son behaves the way he does sometimes. His friend is very bright and very understanding but I think it would be good if he knew. Of course my son needs to know first. Sorry to waffle on. Hopefully someone can advise me Thanks
  7. Hi Cliff. I'm Carolyn and I'm new too. My 8 year old son is in the process of being diagnosed with Aspergers. The doctor spotted it straight away and school agree it's Aspergers so hopefully formal diagnosis will be quite straight forward. I'm sure we'll get lots of useful information here
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