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  1. I would think you have so much you could give to the world, you have hard time in the past and I am sure you would know what you should of had back then, use this to find your way there are so many out there that don't have anyone to tell them how to talk to the kids who are just making there way in life,you could be the one to help them and by doing this you will find your place in life and get the feeling you did something that many others could not, pm me any time you want a chat,
  2. Where we live there is no school for high function ASD so from next year a new unit with Ben and 3 others being the 1st in take so hopefully we will get to help make something really good for our great kids, Gareth I am so sorry you did not have a great time with school and I know where you are coming from I went all though my school year with undiagnosed dyslexia ( no I did not spell that, hubby is my walking dictionary..lol ) so I left school as soon as I could with very little to show for it, in time I may just ask you about what you would say you should of had and things you think could help the boys to get the most out of school as they can,
  3. We are good friends with one of the mums and we have talked about it, I was hopeing to use the school as its a safe place if there are any runners..lol look forward to hearing your ideas,
  4. Hi, I have just found this forum and hope that I can give out as much as I hope to get from this site, I have a 11 year old boy who I knew was ASD from about 6 months old, took 9 years for everyone else to get on the same page..lol.. Ben is in a EBD school which is not the best place but there is no where else he can be, there are 2 other boys in his class of 6 who are ASD and I have been thinking about starting a lunch club for them as its a bit hard for them, so any ideas are most welcome,
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