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  1. Hello and thanks so much for your reply. I will PM you and very much appreciate your assistance. Thanks again Andy
  2. Hello Sharon, Many thanks for the reply, I will follow up. Thanks again, much appreciated Andy
  3. Hello Everyone We are new to the forum and already reading some great information that will help us when we return to the UK from Australia (to Hampshire) after many years in Oz. Our son (11yrs old) is currently in a mainstream school and with some periodic support from as special education teacher. I am aware that we will have to jump a few hurdles to get the support however I am keen to receive and comments or feedback from parents who have had positive results from schools in Hamshire. We can locate ourselves almost anywhere between Lymington, Ringwood, Southampton, Romsey or within reason anywhere in the Hampshire if we can find the right school. We would love to hear from and really appreciate feedback from anyone with school experience in the Hampshire. Many thanks for a great forum, Andy
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