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  1. Thanks for this! It doesn't sound very hopefull... We do have expert reports saying my kids can't go to school, but those reports are about the Dutch school system. Will that "Statement of Special Educational Needs" also provide for the help with homeschooling?? We also have recent reports about our kids and their IQ and Autism. I was hoping they could enroll in a good school that was able to cope with highly gifted (mild autistic) kids. There's only one school for kids like that in the Netherlands....
  2. Hello all! We're a Dutch family thinking about moving to the UK. We're homeschooling our boys because of the lack of edaquate education. But our oldest (9 yrs old) has already started secondary school and in a few months I can't keep up anymore. There are homeschool programs in the Netherlands, but far to expesive for a plasterers family. And It's a hard struggle to get permission to homeschool each year and It's getting harder each year. That's why we're thinking about moving to the UK. So my question is: Are there any good schools for gifted kids with Asperger? Primary and secondary? At the moment we don't mind were to move to as long as there's a job for my husband. We were thinking about Essex but that's just because we'll be close to the airport. Or is homeschooling a better option and if so, is there (financial) support for our kids? I tried reading the topics on this forum, but with all the abbreviations I don't understand the answers.
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